Women’s basketball advances to second round of playoffs

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.stocktonlive.com

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.stocktonlive.com Photo Courtesy of: www.stocktonlive.com[/caption%5D

By Jackie Monarrez |Staff Writer|

That’s a wrap on the women’s basketball normal season.

The Coyotes had the honor of finishing their last two regular season games on their home turf of the Coussoulis Arena.

Coyotes’ first game of the weekend was against Sonoma State Seawolves on Feb. 26.

However, the Seawolves won this game 57 to 48.

Senior Alexcia Mack shined in her second to last game of her regular season college career by scoring a high of 19 points and shooting two 3-pointers in the first quarter.

Mack was the only Coyote who was able to reach double digits in scoring against the Seawolves.

The Coyotes started out the game just right by taking a 19-11 lead in the first quarter.

Seawolves took the lead over the Coyotes towards the end of the second quarter and by the end of the first half of the game the score was 29-28.

Chelsea Barnes was the next runner up for most points scored in the game against the Seawovles, totaling it up to 9 points.

Barnes scored a 2-point jumper to catch the Coyotes up to the Seawolves.

Barnes said the team needed to make “more shots, and rebound better,” in order to have a chance at winning the game.

“We have a really good team,” said Barnes. 

“But as the end of the season approaches, in order to win, it comes down to playing harder and smarter than the other team,” continued Barnes when asked what the team could improve on.

The Coyotes took another lose when they played their second game of the weekend against the San Francisco State Gators.

The final score was 64 to 59.

Mack led the Coyotes in points again, scoring 17 total while Chelsea Austin and Barnes scored 12 points each.

The Coyotes honored their seven seniors before the game.

Emotions were high as the seniors said their farewells.

When asked how she felt about playing her last regular season game, “it was [a] bitter sweet moment,” said Barnes.

“I will miss being around people I genuinely love,” added Barnes.

Barnes also mentioned that playing basketball “has helped [her] learn to speak up, how to stand alone, made [her] a stronger person, physically and mentally.”

Barnes ended with wanting to “thank Cal State San Bernardino for a second chance at playing basketball.”

Coyotes ended the regular season 13-12 overall and 10-10 in CCAA.

Although it was the end of regular season, the Coyotes redeemed themselves and dominated their playoff game against the Stanislaus State Warriors; winning 76 to 66.

Senior Brianna Harden scored a season high of 22 points with 10 rebounds.

Harden wasn’t the only Coyote to score in the double digits, as Barnes scored 15, Sophie Bhasin scored 11, and Mack scored 10.

Coyotes trailed behind in the first-half of the game but picked it up in the beginning of the third quarter when Barnes scored a 2-point layup.

Mack kept the momentum going when she shot a 3-pointer, putting the Coyotes up 58-56.

Coyotes were in control in this game and nothing could stop them from achieving this win; they walked away as first round winners with their heads held high.

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