Young adults at risk

By Estefania Torres |Asst. A&E Editor|

Underage drinking happens more then we would like to think it does on school campuses.

College is often the most common place where young adults experiment with this substance. That is why it is crucial for housing staff to forbid alcohol in a student’s dorm room or apartment.

“About four out of five drink alcohol…the negative impact on alcohol use on college campuses are wide spread and each year, drinking impacts thousands of college students,” according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

We have students of all ages living on campus, some over the age of 21, but many are still minors and are forbidden to drink by law.

Many students argue that they are of age and should not be punished because there are minors living in the same area as they are.

However, who is to say that those who are of age would not give alcohol to their underage friends?

The risks that are presented with having this substance around young adults is an invite for disaster.

Having alcohol in your dorm room is not even that cool or useful anyways.

As a legal drinker, it is more exciting to experience the night life and go out to the bars or restaurants and drink there.

The freedom to go out to these social drinking places makes it fair to forbid alcohol in an environment where underage students reside. I can not seem to find a reason as to why people would prefer to drink in their dorms versus going out.

Young adults do not always make the best decisions.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the campus staff to ensure that everybody who lives in these dorms and apartments are safe.

To ensure student safety, an unexpected search is conducted every couple of weeks to make sure that there is no alcohol.

Some people disagree with the alcohol rule on campus housing, and others think that it is a form of responsibility and would not expect anything less from this campus.

“I do not think it is a fair rule because if you’re 21, then by law, you can drink if you want. However, I do see why the school has this rule,” said housing resident and student Stephanie Garcia.

“Some people do not drink responsibly and there are minors on campus that can access alcohol easily if it was allowed,” added Garcia.

The prohibition of alcohol at on-campus housing should not be an issue with anybody, as it is a safety precaution that everyone needs to adhere.






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