‘Yotes howl at financial woes

Eric Brown |Managing Editor|

The CSU again faces a budget cut, this time at 23 percent according to a press release from the CSU late last month after the state governor’s office determined that state revenue forecasts were not being met.

What this means to students, particularly at CSUSB is another year of doing more with less. The Sun recently reported that tuition rates for CSU campuses have been among the fastest growing in the nation in over the past few years, according to a new facet of the Department of Education.  CSUSB ranked 15th and Cal Poly Pomona ranked 19th in the country out of hundreds of public colleges and universities whose rates of tuition increases are listed online at www.collegecost.ed.gov. With another 13 CSU campuses ranking in the top 20, bringing the CSU to a total of 15 of the top 20 for the most increase in tuition.

This survey would explain the recent call for a 12 percent increase in tuition by CSU Chancellor Charles Reed as he announced he would ask the CSU board of trustees again to raise tuition. With tuition already having been raised over 100 percent since 2006, and the looming budget cut from the state.

CSUSB students know well the shorter list of class offerings, furloughs, and cut programs; but this next budget cut and subsequent tuition increase leaves many students with more questions then answers, as the state of the CSU seams as gloomy as ever.

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