Yang NoodleHouse review

By Haley Brown |Staff Writer|

Although Yang Noodle House has been open for a few months, I have yet to hear any feedback about the restaurant from my peers or fellow students, so I decided to try it for myself.

I enjoy Asian cuisine immensely and have tried many restaurants that serve either Chinese, Korean or Japanese dishes but the Yang Noodle House on Kendall Drive serves Vietnamese cuisine which I had wanted to try.

There was a very decent amount of customers enjoying the dining experience for a late Sunday evening.

The restaurant was very nice and clean, with aesthetically pleasing decor.

Upon entering the restaurant I was greeted by a hostess who gave me the option to either dine in or take out.

“The pho is very popular and the chicken noodle soup… but for people who do not like the soups there is also the Special Combo,” said Bryan, the waiter.

He had also explained that Yang Noodle House is not only Vietnamese food but offered a mixture of Taiwanese and Chinese dishes as well.

The menu had a wide variety of dishes, ranging from rice plates to options for vegetarians.

“I’ve never had a dish I didn’t enjoy. Price is good, quantity is perfect and quality is excellent,” said customer Patrick Salmon.

I am a very big fan of Chinese cuisine and became interested in any similar dishes so I chose the Special Combo.

The Special Combo plate is a rice plate with a combination of pork, shrimp and chicken.

Salmon continued,¬†“My favorite starter is the fried calamari or the egg rolls.”

The wait was sufficient and not too long, and I had a nice view of a soccer match playing to entertain me while I waited.

When my food was brought out it was nicely prepared and beautifully plated.

The food was seasoned just right and had a very sweet and tangy taste.

My favorite part of the dish was the pork, which I thought was perfect.

The only flaw about the dish was that the meat was a little overcooked and a bit tough in some areas.

Having tried many Asian cuisine restaurants Yang Noodle House is definitely one of my top five favorites.

A woman who was waiting in the to-go line said, “I am so happy that this restaurant opened up. There is hardly any good authentic Asian restaurants in this area.”

I give a glowing review with five out of five stars and a definite must go to for anyone who loves Vietnamese, Chinese or Taiwanese dishes.


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