World of Dance: SMSU hosts night of diversity

Ballet Florklorico Cultural
Ballet Florklorico Cultural

Ballet Florklorico Cultural

By Lupe Perez |Staff Writer|

Cross Cultural Center presented World of Dance, a showcase of diverse dance styles including hip hop, ballet folklórico, and traditional Filipino folk dance.

The SMSU held approximately 60 people including students and members of the community coming to support.

“I really enjoyed World of Dance, I usually don’t go to school events but after experiencing this I would love to come to another,” said student Lizbeth Flores.

All of these performances were a great way to represent the diversity present on campus.

World of Dance was an incredible event where students and our community got to show their passion and express themselves.

The show kicked off with hip-hop group, Aria Dance Company dressed in pink jumpsuits who performed a medley of Missy Elliot’s most popular songs.

The girls cautiously answered a few questions but, once the music started playing they were the most confident girls in the room, executing their moves to perfection.

Aria Dance Company then switched into their all black attire to take on more of an interpretive dance, that ended with them walking away holding hands showing a symbol of sisterhood.

Students of Lubos P.A.S.O., a campus Filipino student organization, performed an intricate dance called Pandaggo Sa Llaw.

“Pandaggo Sa Llaw means ‘dance with light,’ it’s a dance where couples balance candles on their heads, forehead, and knuckles,” said student Emily Anne Espinosa.

Ballet folklórico is a Mexican musical piece of different styles of folk music that represent indigenous Mesoamerican culture.

The Ballet Folklórico Cultural de San Bernardino performed three different dances that brought the room to life with their exciting music and enthusiastic dance.

The room cheered and rose to their feet as the group threw confetti out of their hats and continued dancing on stage.

Ballet Folklórico Cultural perform their dances in different events and also raise funds for their non-profit dance group.

They will perform once again at the SMSU for the Latino Book and Family Festival on April 28.

Two best friends closed the show with their hip hop dance choreography.

Many of these dance styles were inspired by their families culture and background they continue to celebrate.

Family and friends were in the audience proudly supporting and praising all of the dancers.

Dance is therapeutic to many and helps some of the dancers let go, relieve stress, and enjoy themselves.

If you are looking for something to do be sure to look around for flyers and different events that might interest you.

After going to World of Dance, I definitely encourage more people to come and attend campus events that are made for us to enjoy.

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