Wood Shop Class

By Saeed Villanueva |Staff Writer|

Wood shop, under the Art department and taught by professor Steve King, is class that not many students know about or even think about taking, but it can be really beneficial for learning useful life skills.

“It teaches you how to be able to build and repair your home. Practical things that they can use in their everyday life,” said King.

There are three levels of experience to wood shop class that students are broken into.

Beginner students, who are taking the class for the first time, learn the basics of the machinery and the fundamentals of wood shop.

The first assignment students have is to build a cutting board.

It seems like a simple thing but it allows for students to be really creative with the different types of designs.

Beginner students have a more challenging task after the cutting board creating their own moving table while expert students are free to work on any kind of projects they want.

Nowadays, wood shop has been taken for granted; the art of being able to build or repair your own things is becoming a lost skill in today’s society.

King stresses the importance of learning these tools and how much they can help you out in the future.

“I believe the importance of woodworking has diminished and has become underappreciated. But I do feel there is a resurgence in manual skills, you see a ton of people doing do it yourself projects nowadays,” said King.

Students who previously had no interest in wood shop at all before taking the class turned out to really enjoy it.

“When I thought about wood I was thinking of splinters so I wasn’t really excited about taking woodworking, but now I feel like it’s become like one of the best things I’ve ever done,” said beginner student, Jasmine Ruiz.

She was required to take a three-dimensional art class as part of a graduate program but has now found herself loving wood shop.

“It’s so fun I think I found a new hobby and I don’t know I feel like it’s kind of life changing in a way, and I’ve never gotten splinters so that’s not a problem,” said Ruiz.

Intermediate and advanced students really enjoy the freedom they have to be creative and make anything they want.

“I had a general interest in it, it’s a great class I tell all my friends that they should take it,” said intermediate level student Jesus Mora.

Mora had just finished making a nice headlight that can be used for a bicycle.

King hopes to get the word out there about his class and encourages students to not be intimidated by wood shop.

Students that are taking the class are not just art majors but come from all different majors.

King made a video for YouTube advertising his class that shows people working on their different projects so students who are interested in taking the class can see for themselves.

“In the video, there’s a tagline that says: “design your life”, the idea is that you can come in here and literally build something you can design and use in your life. You can learn creative problem-solving skills you can use every day,” said King.

Jasmine is someone who learned these skills that she can now use on daily basis.

“If you want to get to know yourself, you should take this class,” said Ruiz.


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