Womens basketball face Broncos

By Kirolles Guirguis |Staff Writer|

The Coyotes women’s basketball team suffered a loss in overtime against the Cal Poly Pomona Broncos on Saturday night. The game came down to the last minute as the Broncos squeezed out a 76-73 victory.

The Coyotes scored consistently and played aggressively throughout the entire game, which was more prevalent in the fourth quarter.

With five seconds left on the clock, sophomore Alexcia Mack made a deep three-pointer from the top of the key to take the game into overtime.

The Coyotes were able to close the gap to 73-74, but were unable to take the lead.

With 13 seconds left on the clock, Broncos guard Tyler Woods was fouled by senior Trinidee Trice Woods made both free throws and secured a win for the Broncos.

The Coyotes pushed forward down the court with nine seconds left in overtime. After taking a time out, they became overwhelmed by the Broncos’ defense and were unable to score.

The Coyotes played with the same pace and attitude they brought two months ago when playing against the Broncos. They defeated them by 28 points in their first match, up earlier in the season.

The Coyotes had four players that scored in double digits. Trice lead the team in scoring while going seven of 20 from the field.

“We played well offensively. We put up great shots and we knocked them down. Free throws really hurt us throughout the game against Pomona. That’s something we need to improve on,” said sophomore Alexcia Mack.

The Coyotes had strong players from the bench that produced 18 points for the team and kept the momentum going.

Continuous turn overs and missed free throws did not help the Coyotes in their game Saturday night.

Mack was a key player for the success of the team. She scored 15 points and gave five assists against the Broncos.

Freshman Tatiana Dunlap had 11 points and 12 rebounds during the game earning her first double-double in her college career.

The Coyotes started the game strong and took an eight point lead during the first half, but were unable to hold onto it during the second half.

The 17th ranked Broncos had a strong and effective offense against the Coyotes. Ariel Marsh led the Broncos scoring 21 points and Jada Blackwell scoring 18 points.

The back and forth game remained close in score throughout both halves. The score was tied six times throughout the night and there were seven lead changes.

However, the Broncos were able to capitalize during a crucial time in the game despite a big clutch play by Mack in the 4th quarter.

Even though the start of the season has been difficult, the Coyotes (4-13 overall) look to improve the rest of the season with high hopes and expectations from both players and coaches.


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