Women’s basketball drops game to UCSD

By Jackie Monarrez Staff Writer

The Coyote women’s basketball team put up an excellent fight against the UC San Diego Tritons on Feb. 6 at the Coussoulis Arena but unfortunately fell short with a 65-58 defeat.

The loss to the Tritons made the Coyotes overall record 10-10 and 7-8 in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA).

Player of the game for the Coyotes was senior Chelsea Barnes, who led the Coyotes with 20 points. Another leader in the game was senior Adriana Brodie who scored 18 points.

The two seniors did their best to bring home the victory for the Coyotes.

The Coyotes out shot the Tritons but the Tritons were superior when it came to their 3-pointers and their free throws.

Brodie started the game off right with a 2-pointer to put the Coyotes in the lead right away,

The Tritons took the ball right back by executing a good layup thanks to Triton Beth Mounier and then shortly after a 3-pointer by Haley Anderson to put the Tritons up 5-2.

The Coyotes ended the first quarter trailing behind by 14 points.

Three minutes into the second quarter, Barnes tipped in the ball to give the Coyotes a 2-pointer, making the score 29-13.

Throughout the game the Coyotes played with their hearts and souls to get the victory over UC San Diego.

With 1:08 left in the second quarter Chelsea Austin ended the quarter with a 2-pointer making the score 34-22.

At the start of the third quarter, not even minute in, Triton Farrah Shokoor scored a 2-pointer.

The Coyotes tried their best to keep the Tritons from scoring.

It was not until three minutes in that the Coyotes scored a 2-pointer by Brodie that made the score 40-26.

Brodie kicked it into high gear and scored the next six points back to back.  The determination in her eyes was inspiring.

The Coyotes kept the Tritons from scoring until 4:11 was left in the third quarter, when the Tritons shot a 3-pointer and made the score 42-34.

With 1:12 left in the quarter, CSUSB called a 30 second time out to get the Coyotes head back in the game.

The time out helped out the Coyotes because Barnes came out the gate with a 2-pointer to end the third quarter for the coyotes.

Brodie started out the fourth quarter with a 2-pointer then a minute later she shoot and scored another 2-pointer, making the Coyotes behind by 10 points.

Alecia Mack contributed to the Coyotes score by having an excellent layup and then a great jump shot to follow that layup 30 seconds later.

With a 1:27 left in the fourth quarter the Coyotes managed to score enough points to only be behind by four points.

Barnes scored a beautiful 3-pointer with 14 seconds left in the quarter. But sadly that wasn’t enough to win the game for the Coyotes.

The Coyotes put up a great fight to try and stop the Tritons, but in the end the Tritons took the victory.

The Coyotes have three more games left in the season.

Make sure to come and support CSUSB women’s basketball.







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