Winning streak comes to an end

By Jasmine Gonzales |Staff Writer|

10672353_830204233686564_2423650286910737054_nCoyote Sophomore Goalkeeper Emily Whyte puts up a strong defense against opponents leaving them with a 15 percent chance to score.

The average percentage of scoring on CSUSB’s opposing goal keepers is about 28 percent, states the CSUSB Athletics web site.

In the Coyote’s past two games Whyte blocked a total of 12 goal attempts.

On Oct 3, CSUSB women’s soccer team was defeated by the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Tritons 2-0. 

The Coyotes attempted five shots in the first half while Tritons women attempted four but by the end of the second half UCSD had out shot the Coyotes 11-9.

Coyote’s Jasmine Williams attempted the first goal shooting wide, while teammate Jill Wierzbicki scored the first foul.

CSUSB’s Jillian Seminara then attempted a shot on target that was blocked by UCSD’s keeper Kelcie Brodsky resulting in a corner kick by Seminara.

CSUSB forward, Kiana Quarles, attempted a shot that was saved by Brodsky.

UCSD Katie O’Laughlin shot but was blocked by the CSUSB defense, another shot was taken by UCSD’s Kiera Bocchino, but was saved by Whyte.

 A header by Peyton Nocciolo was saved by Triton’s Bordsky to end the first half.

Whyte blocked back to back headers to start the second half.

Seminara was the first Coyote to attempt a shot in the second half but it was blocked by Tritons defense, shortly after another goal attempt was made by Quarles.

untitledTritons attempted to be more aggressive in the second half but shots by Kylie Hill and Pozurama didn’t find the back of the net.

The game ended with Coyote’s Paige Kang attempting one last shot but was not successful.

The weekend did not end here for the Coyote’s Women’s soccer team, they traveled to Los Angeles, California to take on the Golden Eagles.

On Sunday, Oct. 5, Coyotes women’s soccer had their second game of the week, resulting in a loss to Golden Eagles 2-0.

Golden Eagles out shot Coyotes 19-7 by the end of the game, ten of those shots were on target, eight of the ten shots on target were saved by Whyte.

Kang attempted two shots against CSULA along with teammate Melanie Aguayo. Both of Aguayo’s shots were on target.

The Coyote’s had three of their seven shots miss the target, all being saved by Golden Eagles keeper Yi Du.

Oct 10 and 12 the Coyotes will be away at Sonoma and Humboldt State Universities trying their best to win, and bring home another win for their season. 

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