Wind Alert for CSUSB

CSUSB is experiencing intense wind today.

The campus has continually been placed on either High Wind Advisory or the more severe High Wind Alert by University Police. With a high gusting wind of 55 mph being measured at 1:00 a.m. this morning, there have been further gusts above 40 mph (as of 11:a.m.), with an avergae gusting speed of above 30 mph (as of 11:a.m.) according to the CSUSB weather station. The Chronicle advises students to follow CSUSB wind alerts as they are issued by University Police.

As established by CSUSB’s wind policy the two alerts given today are defined below.

High Wind Advisory: 25-31 mph.
Effect: Will experience some difficulty walking.

  • Continue previous precautions
  • Limit your outdoor activity
  • Be mindful of ongoing wind advisories

High Wind Alert: 32-46 mph
Effect: Progress impeded; difficult to maintain balance during gusts.

  • Continue previous precautions
  • Use caution when entering and exiting buildings
  • Use appropriate entrances and exits
  • Avoid the lawn areas and remain alert for falling branches
  • Comply with posted notices to reduce risk of injury or damage
  • Assist others as necessary

Reminder to students that many doors to buildings are closed, and that students may have to find alternate entrances into buildings, so pay attention to signs and don’t be caught on the wrong side in a gust.

While there is no doubt that the wind is blowing today, students may find it dangerous to walk around, as such, there are unconfirmed reports filtering into the Chronicle’s office of a windshield coming off of a car and hitting a student in one of the upper parking lots, but this remains to be confirmed. Fallen trees and tumbleweed are also unconfirmed at this time as hitting students. However the former can be autheticated by this reporter (as of 11:30 a.m.).

Written by Managing Editor, Eric Brown


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