WinCo Foods 100th Store Opening

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By Jessica Arciniega | Staff Writer |

100th Employee Owned Store opened and counting!

On May 7, 2015, WinCo Foods the 24-hour Supermarket Low Price Leader welcomed customers with the opening of their 100th store in Lewisville, Texas.

Lewisville, Texas you say?

I know it is quite a bit away, but the grocery store has numerous locations within 8 states – California, Utah, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

WinCo Foods is expanding throughout the nation, but is proud to celebrate the Lewisville, Texas opening.

Reviews within the WinCo Foods website share a glimpse of how customers feel about the 100th store opening.

“As Mayor Pro Team, I’m especially proud of your investment in our community. I’ll be back often!” stated Thomas G.

“This employee owned store, I believe may have the winning ticket! Happy employees trickle down to happy customers! I’ve never taken part in such a joyous experience like this, all from buying groceries!” Stated Kelly H., a business owner and resident of Lewisville, TX.

Shop smart – save money – is what they aim for.

WinCo has taken on a new challenge by targeting the surrounding Dallas area in Texas.

There are currently five locations in Texas that have opened up within the last two years.

McKinney, Fort Worth, Duncanville, North Richland Hills, and Lewisville all circle the city of Dallas.

The grocery chain intentions are to open up stores in rural areas to bring in business of all social status.

WinCo Foods initially starts from the ground up with their stores. Although, some stores take over recently closed businesses.

When you hear that they are “breaking ground,” it means they are talking business and ready to move forward with a new store opening.

They want to be able to offer different locations in Texas to continue their business and success within the company.

For each store opening, WinCo Foods offers about 200 jobs in each store giving the city more opportunity for employment.

Applications are accepted on a regular and there are always positions open that will suit just about anybody.

The positions that are available are involved in management, maintenance, lead clerks, clerks, and more. WinCo Foods is always looking for new faces and outside applicants as well as inner-store.

WinCo Foods goes through the hiring process by submitted applications online. And they hire the best candidates regardless of their location.

Current employees are eligible for transfer to any store within the company. There are many that are taking new opportunities at WinCo’s new stores in Arizona and Texas — along side the newly hired employees.

With that being said, Garland, Texas opens up on August 7, 2015 to be their sixth store in Texas. While Arlington, Texas is next on the list becoming the seventh store and counting.

WinCo Foods Texas has much more to offer than you might even know.

You can find out more information about WinCo Foods, order online, check out smart shopper tips, how to find sales, and even recipes on

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