Wilcox-Herzog wins Golden Apple Award

By Jacqueline Scholten |Staff Writer|

Dr. Amanda Wilcox-Herzog, professor of human development, received the most coveted award of her career during a surprise visit by President Dr. Albert K. Karnig and his entourage on Jan. 19.

Wilcox-Herzog received the prestigious Golden Apple Award, which is given to the most outstanding teacher of the year at CSUSB.

The criteria for picking this teacher is gathered in a large part from the students evaluations they submit. It is also based on the diversity of the courses and labs that they offer. The winner is chosen by Karnig who is advised by a committee of seven teachers, who have either won the Golden Apple in the past or were elected on to the committee.

Karnig’s favorite part of giving this award is the surprise, “It makes the most articulate people stunned and speechless.”

A group of more than thirty people, made up of faculty members, past Golden Apple winners and press, surprised Wilcox-Herzog during her lecture.

“It is because of the enthusiasm the students conveyed for Amanda in her teacher evaluations,” said Karnig. “She loves her subject because she loves her subjects.”

Karnig quoted students evaluation forms citing that they felt she was always clear, explained things well, is always available to her students and gave real life examples of concepts in her class.

After Karnig’s speech an emotional Wilcox-Herzog said that although she enjoys her research, the most important part of her job is just being in front of class and teaching.

“This award is the pinnacle of my career,” an elated Wilcox-Herzog said.

As a winner of this award she will receive $2,000 for professional development to use on new technology, attending conferences, etc. Wilcox-Herzog will also be recognized at the faculty lunch, commencement and at a dinner the mayor of San Bernardino hosts annually.

“I always try to take her classes, she is a very respected teacher,” said two students, Kamalpreet  Kaur and Aleida Beaton.

Wilcox-Herzog, who has been employed at CSUSB since 1999, said that of all the honors given to teachers this is the one she covets because it is a direct result of being an outstanding teacher.

Another one of her achievements was winning outstanding teacher for the Social Behavioral Science Department in 2006.

Her teaching style reflects her experiences from teaching preschool, elementary school and from her own children.

Wilcox-Herzog said one of her main focuses is being honest to her students.  She feels that being honest is valuable because many of her students will go into working with children.

Right after graduate school she began working at CSUSB. She said she loves working at CSUSB and feels that it is a place filled with great people who are supportive.

“We are going to learn from you how to raise a perfect teacher,” said a colleague.


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