What can the Rec Center do for you?

By Zion Guillory |Staff Writer|

The CSUSB Recreational Sports and Fitness Center is a place of solace for many students, professors, and others who simply want to break a sweat.

The “Rec Center,” as many call it, has a nice, easy flowing environment where one can go to become centered. Its main focus is to help students work on their bodies and wellness.

In addition to the fully equipped gym that the Rec Center provides, there are many different activities that it offers.

Every quarter a schedule of all the various activities it provides is offered to those who are interested.

The Rec Center holds intramural tournaments in basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer at any skill level.

According to Rec Center employee Mark Esho, “the intramural tournaments has the most participants because there are no expectations to play like a pro; it’s all about having fun and winning with your team. I have a great time overseeing some of the games.”

This quarter’s outdoor adventure guide is packed with exciting activities that aren’t going to be available in any other quarter.

These activities do, however, charge a fee varying from $20 to $230.

The sole activity that is free is the Kayak Pool Workshop offered in our own pool. This is an evening class aimed to teach the students how to paddle, do wet exits, and other techniques.

Another exciting water workshop is the Black Canyon Kayak and Hot Springs where you actually get to go kayaking in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River right below the Hoover Dam.

Another popular activity that is offered is snowboarding for both beginners and those who know the ropes.

The snowboarding activities take place at different locations such as Mt. High Ski resort, Mammoth Mountain, and Bear Mountain.

Other Outdoor adventures this quarter include hiking, camping and even whale watching.

For a full schedule and price list of all the activities and workshops being offered this quarter, visit the front desk of the Rec Center where they will provide you with any information you may need.

Inside the Rec Center there are many classes taught throughout the quarter.

These classes, known as GroupX, are free of charge.

There is a class for all types of exercise, whether it is dance, self-defense, or training.

One of the classes offered is Boot Camp X which is an intense workout that has different exercises aimed for a specific body part. In addition to Boot Camp X, there is also TRX Boot Camp.

The dance classes that are available are Zumba, belly dancing, and hip-hop. These styles of dance look very different, but a lot of the same moves are incorporated in all three.

For those of you who like a slower paced workout, you might want to consider taking yoga or Pilates which are also offered this quarter.

The more limited classes in the GroupX schedule, are the self-defense classes including  jujitsu, Fight Like a Girl, and Reality based self-defense. These classes are only offered once or twice a week.

No matter what you’re into, the Rec Center is sure to have an activity suitable for you. So stop by, take a look at the schedule, and join the fun.


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