Tomorrowland is not the future

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By Tiffany Moyes |Staff Writer|

Disney missed the mark with its new film “Tomorrowland,” released May 22 in theaters.

This new live action Disney film is based on the popular land found in many Disney parks, Tomorrowland.

The film stars George Clooney and Brit Robertson, who join to venture to the future all through a simple pin with an orange “T” on the front.

In the beginning of the film, Frank Walker (Clooney) and Athena, played by Raffey Cassidy meet at the New York World Fair, where Frank gives her one of the infamous orange pins that transported him to a futuristic world.

Athena reaches out to Casey Newton (Robertson) by secretly placing one of the pins in her bag.

Casey then realizes just by a touch of the pin she is briefly transported to their advanced world, although she doesn’t get to experience much before her time with the pin expires.

Cut to years later, Casey is recruited by Athena to save the potential demolition of the futuristic land, seeking Frank for help and end up restoring their land.

“I was so excited to see this movie after all of the previews I had seen. I love Disneyland and was hoping it would be good, but I was just not impressed,” said student Jacob Bell.

After Disney’s success with the live action adaptation of “Cinderella,” there were high expectations set for this film.

Director Brad Bird was responsible for films such as the “The Incredibles” and “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”

After a disappointing opening weekend in theaters, the film did not live up to what many Disney fans were hoping for.

According to The New York Times, Disney spent over $280 million making this film and in its first weekend it only made $42 million, but they’re hoping ticket sales will increase over the next few weeks due to a low number of family-friendly options in theaters.

The planning stages of this film looked promising and was what many thought would be a home run, especially when you have Clooney and Bird on the team.

In my opinion, that is all we got though, just the promise of a good film, because this film was just not good.

Disney tried to be original and creative with making a movie based on an area located in the Disneyland Theme Park, yet it just didn’t work out in Disney’s favor this time.

The themes and stories are powerful, and the underlining message is sure to stick with young children, but what makes this film not work is the overdone visual effects and compact scenes.

The beginning of the film is strong and gets you intrigued and entertained, however by the end of the film everything is thrown at you and seems rushed.

Many of the visual effects are poorly done and by the time you get to Tomorrowland all you see is computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Bird could have done much more with the film through effects and different backgrounds but failed to do so.

Disney plans to release their new blockbuster film “Inside Out” this coming June, which leaves many people hoping “Tomorrowland” is not the future of Disney movies to come.

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