Water polo club brings polo back to CSUSB

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By Suriel Chavez |Staff Writer|

Women’s water polo was a part of the CSUSB campus for over a decade, but the program was disassembled. That has not stopped Coyotes from forming a co-ed water polo club.

Women’s water polo’s first year at CSUSB was in 1999 and its last season ended in 2014.

After not having a winning season since 2008, the program was cut.

CSUSB has not seen the last of water polo.

A women’s water polo club was started with the conclusion of the team, but it was reformed due to the lack of participants.

The water polo club is a new, co-ed, sports club that will be meeting every Monday and Wednesday at the pool.

Practices will start early in the morning at 6 a.m.

The club is currently still in the process of getting started, information about the practice start day will be announced in the near future.

The president of the club is Ariel Layne, past president of the girl’s water polo club.

If you are planning to join you will need a swim suit, a towel and to be ready for a full-body intensive work out.

Water polo is a great way to help get in shape because of the high amount of calories that are burned during practices.

It helps build endurance and is an injury prevention sport. Even though it is a contact sport, the water helps cushion the body and prevents joint strain.

Playing water polo is also about strategy, coming together and going against the opponent efficiently.

The intensive exercise helps relive the tension that is formed from school work, jobs, and other stressful environments according to the website Health Fitness Revolution.

Sport clubs are aimed to compete with other university’s sport clubs and create their own schedule for practices and games.

“These clubs compete on both regional and national tournaments against other universities and colleges; while other clubs operate on a recreational level only,” said Sports Club Supervisor Jesus Rios

Being in a sports club could give you the opportunity to travel for competitions in other universities, maybe even other states for tournaments.

Other sport clubs that are part of the Student and Recreation and Fitness Center include: men and women’s soccer, mixed martial arts, paintball, men and women’s volleyball, Coyote running, badminton, table tennis and tennis.

Intramural sports are different than sport clubs.

Intramural schedules different sports thought the year.

Each sports has a variety of teams in the leagues that you can be part of, you can even make your own team.

Intramural sports do not normally hold practices, they meet up for games and competitions held on campus.

The different Intramural sports are soccer, volleyball, football, basketball and softball.

“When you’re involved in a team whether it’s through intramurals or sport clubs you will have the opportunity to meet new friends, de-stress, and have fun,” said Rios.

“When you are a part of a sport club you have the opportunity to take on a leadership role and practice your favorite sport,” added Rios.


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