Walmart is public enemy number one

By Jazmin Jett |Staff Writer|

Am I the only person who feels there is an abusive relationship with Walmart?

The traffic is bad and the lines always look like people are thinking “who did it and where can I find them?”

As for the the employees, were any of you aware that Walmart employees make $11/hr and can get up to thirty-nine hours a week?

Before you say lucky them, consider the fact that they’re not paid for overtime.

Due to the simple fact that Walmart is aware that exceeding thirty-nine hours a week would justify them as full-time employees, in turn making them eligible for benefits that Walmart refuse to give them.

Such pay also places Walmart’s employees below the “low-income” line which leaves us tax-payers to make-up their inadequate living expenses through government services such as EBT.

Anonymous Walmart employee says, “I hate my job. I feel like a peasant in a castle. The fact that I’ve little to no say in the logistics of my job bothers me the most.”

But I’m not even sure I’d know where else to work if I wasn’t here, jobs are practically non-existent in this economy. It sucks.”

And yet I admit I wouldn’t dare to satisfy my miscellaneous item needs anywhere else; even if I find it quite unsettling that I’ve yet to find an alternative shopping outlet.

Within seconds of entering their sliding doors you’re a puppet on a string, being indirectly encouraged to spend money on things you give two craps about.

Our school’s local Walmart on University Parkway, use advertisements and appropriated items for the upcoming consumer-driven holiday which are always displayed up front.

Valentine’s Day, America’s most illusion-filled holiday next to Christmas, recently ended its reign over Walmart.

Running in for bubble bath and Doritos had never been a more nauseating experience.

If the exaggerated use of the color pink — which is enough to turn my stomach on its own — didn’t induce some indifference towards visiting their store, witnessing the mind control Walmart has over its occupants is the cherry on top.

With Walmart’s significant influx of customers around major holiday’s you’d think they’d have enough employees to accommodate all the purchases, right?


There’s practically a two employee to 25 customer ratio present.

My last visit to Walmart, I couldn’t for the life of me find an employee to explain why hair care for those “African-American” and “Latino” is reduced to a fourth of an aisle.

It would’ve been a miracle to get an elaborated response as to what happened to the “ethnic hair care” sign that was originally posted a couple years ago.

Perhaps the employee deficiency is an attempt to get customers to pick up more items while you wait in line for half an hour?

What ever the case may be, I’m not the least bit enthralled.

So thank you Walmart, thank you for having disgustingly low prices. Thank you for contributing to our society’s enslavement to materialism.

And most importantly, thank you for treating your employee’s like prisoners with a more substantial amount of yard time.


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