Volleyball finishes off rough season

By Loydie Burmah and Javier Rodriguez  |Opinions Editor and Staff Writer|

VOLLEYBALL 2Women’s volleyball suffered defeat to the Cal Poly Pomona Broncos 2-3 in the Kellogg Gym at Cal Poly Pomona campus on Nov. 8.
Coyotes, unfortunately, ended their five match winning streak after pulverizing CSU opponents, San Fransisco Gators, Stanislaus Warriors, Chico Wildcats, Humboldt Lumberjacks, and the UC San Diego Tritons.
Coyotes currently rank No. 18 overall and 15 in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA).
Broncos displayed their strong defensive and offensive skills to obtain the win in a heated five set match.
They opened with a two set lead, scoring 25-17 in the first set and 25-22 in the second.
Bronco Outside Hitter Deanna Blaine started the first set off with a kill from an assist by setter Alina Smith.
Each team played the first set with intensive competition, although Coyotes were ultimately shut out due to a bad set, followed by an attack error.
Broncos scored six points in the opening of the second set and carried the lead over the Coyotes.
Coyotes proved their determination by quickly catching up, but lost the set by 22-25.
Broncos managed 15 kills with 40 total attempts while Coyotes had nine with 33.
Despite losing the first two sets Coyotes had a defensive comeback and were more focused than ever by winning the third and fourth set, 25-16 and 25-18 respectively, tying the match.
“This game had me out of my seat the whole time… I was so happy when we won. The women’s team rocks! I’m going to bring all of my friends to come watch with me next time,” said student Anissa Boland.
The first point of the third set was awarded to the Broncos after a service ace by Smith.
Coyote outside hitter Alexandra Torline responded with a kill assisted by setter Ciara Richards.
Both teams gained points across the board though kills, attacks and service errors.
Coyotes strong return in the third set was not merely a miracle, but a tough display of their extensive skills and determination to knock out their opponents.
Coyotes collective team attack percentage in the third set was 0.406.
In the beginning of the fourth set, the Coyotes gained a 10 point advantage before the Broncos managed to score five.
Torline scored eight kills within the set, and Richards fired up serves for her hitters.
With the match set at 2-2, Broncos and Coyotes continued their face off in a final 15-point set.
Kellogg Gym was packed with about 624 anxious spectators bearing witness to the intensive fifth set that would grant victory to one of the teams.
Coyotes opened with a four point lead, but the Broncos caught up when their junior Setter Nicoletta Stork earned two kills and Smith had a four-serve run giving them a 6-5 lead.
Tensions mounted as both teams tied at 10-10, but Bronco freshman Outside Hitter Madison May scored two kills, and a service ace giving the Broncos a 13-10 lead.
“These ladies play with their hearts. It’s obvious how dedicated they are to their sport… I was so nervous for a minute, but they fought hard to keep their winning streak,” said student Sabrina Largaespada.
Followed by a service error from the Broncos, CSUSB junior Middle Blocker Brianna McIntosh had a solo block to push Coyotes towards the lead.
After a timeout called by the Broncos, they entered the set with an attack error and a kill by Blaine, winning the set 15-12.
Junior Outside Hitters Torline and Solis led the Coyotes with 15 and 12 kills respectively, and Senior Middle Blocker Tori May managed 11 during the five set match.
Boland added, “I can’t wait to watch their last two home games… I hope they can make it to the National Championship. That would be awesome!”
Volleyball over the course of their season have showed every team that they have been a focus that shouldnt be taken lightly.
From the powerhouse captain Arielle McCullough and her amazing defensive skills, while Alexandra Torline dominates most of the court with her awesome attacks and offensive skills.
Being number 18 in California, Coyote volleyball is truely one of the best.



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