Volleyball crowned as CCAA Champions

Champions! Photo by Lauren Jennings
Champions! Photo by Lauren Jennings

Photo by Lauren Jennings

By Gregory Gammill |Staff Writer|

This year’s volleyball season is wrapping up with big, final highlights as the women won the title of 2016 California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) champions.

They started off their season by playing in the Ferris State Invitational, which featured match-ups against opponents ranked in the top 10.

The first opponent they faced in the tournament was No.8 Ferris State University. The Coyotes swept them in 3 straight sets.

This victory was an impressive start to the season, but they then faced another tough opponent in their following match up against No. 10 University of Minnesota, Duluth.

They fought hard during all 3 sets but were unable to capture a victory during the match-up against the Bulldogs.

The Coyotes had their minds set on winning as they beat the University of Minnesota, Crookston and Grand Valley State University to carry the momentum into their next tournament.

Next up on their schedule was the Division II Regional Volleyball Showcase, where the Coyotes looked to continue on their previous success from the tournament before as they started to approach CCAA play.

This showcase tournament featured 3 teams from the top 25, which pushed them to their limits.

The start of the tournament favored the Coyotes, but they fell to No.12 ranked University of Alaska, Anchorage in a 3-2 match loss.

This awakened them as they battled on to beat the following 3 opponents in the showcase with 9 match wins to 1 loss.

The tournament was a good start for the Coyotes season, as they began league play against Humboldt State University at home with an impressive 3-match sweep of the Lumberjacks.

After dropping 2 of 4 games against different opponents, they began an impressive winning streak that continued throughout the rest of the regular season and into conference tournament play.

Their 12 game winning streak started on Oct. 8 and continued into the following months as they looked to win a CCAA championship for the first time in 3 seasons.

The Coyotes brought the energy from their winning streak and used it for the CCAA tournament which gave the winner a berth to the Division ll National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament.

The team fought all weekend, making it to the championship game against the Chico State Wildcats who handed the women their second loss before their winning streak.

They both played hard all night, playing all 5 sets against each other to determine the winner.

The women would go on to beat the Wildcats with a 3-2 match advantage an NCAA championship.

The team has an overall record of 24-4 with a 15-2 record in conference play while going undefeated at home in 11 games.

The Coyotes will ride their 15 game winning streak into the NCAA West Regional where they look to advance to the NCAA Championships in Sioux Falls.

They will take on the Central Washington University Wildcats in the first round of the NCAA West Regional on Dec. 1. They are 9-2 overall against the Wildcats.



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