“Visions” is a Grimey mess

By Kimberly Rosales |Staff Writer|

God-awful, weird and terrible are nicer terms to describe an electronica queen’s newest album.

Canadian songstress/producer Claire Boucher, who goes by the stage name Grimes, released her third album Feb. 21.

The record, Visions, honestly sounds like the official soundtrack to ADHD.

Though artists have the right to use their music as a form of expression and artistic freedom, Grimes’ record is more of an artistic piece of trash.

Grimes’ vocals throughout the entire album are high-pitched and baby-like which only proves to be freakishly annoying.

In an interview with Boucher by Fader TV, her voice has a much deeper tone than in her music. The contrast is so great between her speaking voice and her singing voice that it leads one to believe that she is a fake.

The opening track, “Infinite Love Without Fulfillment,” is repetitive and catchy—and a not in a good way.

It’s so catchy that it makes you want to smash your head through a wall just to get it out of your head.

“Genesis,” one of her most popular tracks, sounds like you are experiencing a bad acid trip and has a weird space theme.

“Eight” is one of the weirder tracks that will have listeners asking themselves, “What the hell is this?”

“Vowels=Space and Time,” which is a stupid title to begin with, is reminiscent of Bjork, but in a horrible way.

At one point in the song, it sounds as if Grimes is trying to sing at a pitch that only dogs can hear. That kind of pitch should just be left to Mariah Carey.

The whole album drones on for far too long with the same god-awful sound.

To a person who is not a die-hard fan of Grimes (though it’s impossible to imagine any exist), Visions might be the greatest thing since Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony.” But to anyone who is not tone deaf, this album is a failure.

It’s a miracle Grimes’ career has lasted up to a third album. But then again, she has three albums down and still no one knows who the hell she is.

That speaks louder for Grimes than her so-called “talent.” Visions is a musical disaster.


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