Video Games Live takes CSUSB to the next level

By Monique McKinley |Photo Editor|

Playing to a sold out arena , Tommy Tallarico and his Video Games Live production rocked the house. Main conductor was Hokoyama Wataru from Resident Evil®. The show ws locally supported by the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra, which played throughout the show.

There were also guest conductors including Blizzard Entertainment’s director of audio, Russell Brower, who conducted his own compositions in a special set dedicated to Blizzard Entertainment’s titles, including tracks from the Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® universes.

Internet sensation Laura “Flute Link” Intravia played beautifully on the flute to her own compositions from the very beginning of Super Mario Bros to Super Mario Galaxy 2, and also dressed up as Link from Legend of Zelda, she also played her own compositions.

Gerard Marino music composer of the video games God of War, Spider-man Edge of Time and DC Universe, dressed up as the character Kratos from the God of Wars series as he conducted his own scores, making an intense display of as he rallied the music to it’s crecendos.

The show was more than I expected it was really eye opening as to how many songs really are in video games. My favorite part of the show would have to be the final song which indicated they will continue to do these video game live tours… Im Still Alive, of Portal and Internet fame.




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