Video blogs now coming to Coyote Jock Talk

By Chris Hanley |Staff Writer|

CSUSB sports fans can look forward to the new up-and-coming sports talk show that will be airing by way of video blog at CSUSB.

Sports Editor for the Coyote Chronicle Jesus Romero, and assistant Sports Editor Levi Burnfin, will host the show.

Both Editors know that video blog is the new big thing for the future and they want to get in the mix. By no means is the show used in a major professional  format, the host will have a casual cool show by utilizing cameras and using an editing program  on their laptop.

These guys are true sports jockeys. You can see some of their sports review at the Coyote  Jock talk web page. Listeners can expect to hear sports commentary in all sports in the nation explained Romero.

The show gives another cool element of the sports news journalism at CSUSB because of it utilizes the video blog students can tune in to the show online and get the latest sports review. Some of the shows commentary will include pregame predictions of match-ups, the latest statistics in all sports from athletes stats to team statistics.

The editors will bring their sports analysis and game previews of all sports; such commentary can be looked at by looking at the sports  blog at the university. The cool sports talk is updated once a week and can be retrieved at

Students who are interested in cool sports commentary can look forward to hearing great review like this in the near future as this sports talk show hits the coyote jock talk webpage.

Get ready for Basketball talk to be one of the upcoming themes of the Coyote Jock Talk video blog as a hot topic. With the NBA coming into the final weeks of the regular season viewers of the new video blog can look forward to hearing great NBA Playoffs match up previews by both host of the show.
So basketball fans of CSUSB tune in to the show so you can hear great previews of the NBA playoffs from both sports analysts of the sports talk program.

To go along with pre-game preview, the talk show host plan on bringing in some guest sports host as well to give the show some more spice.
Sports Editor Jesus Romero discussed that hockey expert Steven Brown will give some exciting commentary on the show very soon.
Brown interned for the Philadelphia Flyer’s during the beginning of the hockey season. All hockey fans get ready for the latest hockey news from Brown who is a  “hockey guru,” said Romero!
Levi explained that his expertise in sports commentary is baseball, so baseball fans we are only two weeks into the season so tune in and get your latest baseball facts.

The show is unique to CSUSB in hopes that sports fans will come and show some support for what the sports editors are bringing to the college. This show is going to be fun to watch so tune in at Coyote Jock Talk and enjoy the show.



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