Victoria Secret racists or what?!

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Geisha complete with accessory fan and chop sticks!

By Suu Elen Manzano  |Staff Writer|

Victoria’s Secret is dead wrong in stereotyping different ethnic groups in their fashion shows.

Have they learned nothing from their past experiences?

If you are not aware let me take you down memory lane.

Victoria’s Secret’s 2010 fashion show relegated dark skinned models to “Wild Things” clad in tribal tattoos, leopard prints and accompanied by tribal dancers gyrating down the catwalk.

In September of 2012 they were at it yet again, this time reducing the Japanese culture to a “Sexy little Geisha,” in a very revealing next-to-nothing outfit complete with chopsticks and fan.

Which, by the way, they don’t wear. Geisha’s are quite covered up, from head to toe.

Needless to say they promptly and completely removed their “Go East” collection, and “Sexy Little Geisha” from their website, although no apologies were made.

Not too long after that, in November of 2012 Victoria’s Secret had all but forgotten its previous faux pas and decided maybe they would test the waters yet again.

This time their fashion show in New York stuck it to the Native American community by strutting their stuff in a war bonnet aka an Indian headdress.

Did I mention they threw in a leopard print bikini as part of the look.

Leopards mind you are from Africa, but I guess they decided to mix it up.

The amount of criticism that erupted from this third time charm made it impossible for Victoria Secret not to apologize.

So they did.

They also pulled the footage after the day it was released.

The general public wasn’t happy about it the first time, the second time, or the third time Victoria’s Secret decided to play ethnic dress up on the runway.

Why they would continue to marginalize the ethnic groups down to stereotypes is beyond me. Are they racist at their core or do they suffer from amnesia?

They’ve done this one too many times before, they can’t simply claim it’s a mistake on their behalf.

I guess not everyone agrees, students have mixed opinions about whether Victoria’s Secret is stereotyping or not.

“I don’t see anything wrong with the costumes they wear,” said student Miguel Castellanos. “It’s a fashion show, that’s all,”

“No one gets called a racist for getting dressed up as an Indian, on Halloween,” Castellanos continued.

Unless, of course, you find yourself in front of a Native American and you happen to be disrespecting their heritage.

This is tantamount to Victoria’s Secret’s interpretation of the “Sexy Little Geisha,” white “Country Girl” and dark-skinned “Wild Things.”

“They are stereotyping races and cultures. I think they shouldn’t do that, even if they aren’t racist it kinda makes it look like they are.” said student Maria Duran.

Victoria’s Secret should stop mocking ethnic groups and come up with something original instead of making people mad.

Victoria’s Secret, you did it once, you did it twice, you did it three times, don’t do it again.

Some of us forgive but we don’t forget.

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