Valentine’s Day is for every kind of love

By Alejandra Arana |Staff Writer|

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to be delighted about, not just Hallmark’s day to make money.

This day isn’t just about couples it’s about love and how love makes you feel. Love is more than the kind you might first think of when you think about Valentine’s Day.

People should shed that preconceived notion that this day is just about cupid-esque love, and just think of it being about whatever type of love they have for whomever.

There is also the innocent festive part of today, that I think is great for adults and kids to be a part of.

When I was in elementary school this holiday was the event of the year. I didn’t sleep the entire night before because I was so excited to go to class. Making cards for fellow students, filling paper hearts with Hershey Kisses and adding a love note to my crush of the year was the most exciting part.

I remember sitting in my fourth grade class and hearing stories about Cupid and his arrow, allowing me to imagine and dream about the day when I will be hit with his arrow and share all of my love with my perfect match.

Now that I am older and have a permanent crush, I look forward to the homemade card shaped like a heart and my favorite roses with chocolates that I am going to be “surprised” with.

There are hundreds of people out there just like me, hopeless romantics that enjoy Valentine’s Day for the innocent reasons of love and they don’t think about it as the money machine that some people claim it is all about.

“Valentine’s Day is for couples to get together and to relive the memory of why they fell in love. I want to do a lot of things for my babe but will do the best I can to give her everything she deserves,” said student Raul Martinez.

Students like Martinez will make their boo very happy this Valentine’s Day regardless of what he comes up with as a present.

It is true that we spend enormous amounts of money on this holiday to please our other half but it all comes from the heart.

Wal-Mart has rows and rows of gifts for various prices that include $1 chocolate boxes all the way to $39.98 plush teddy bears. A bouquet of roses costs approximately $15. If you add that up for one Valentine, you are looking at close to $60 when you walk out of the store.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for grown-ups who are in a relationship it is also for children to be able to experience a day where there is nothing but love in the air.

Roses, chocolates, flowers and cards are great to receive and worth the money spent to make a relationship stronger and last eternity.


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