Vacation this summer on a budget

By Justine Plemons |Staff Writer|

As summer rapidly approaches students are looking get out and have fun this summer but tight budgets are forcing students to cut corners and find deals in order to get away.

After being cooped up inside from the cold weather students are eager to get out in the sun. It is possible to get away without breaking the bank.

Solvang is a few miles north of Santa Barbara and offers tourists a place to get away, including wine tasting, concerts and museums.

“I went beer tasting in Solvang a while ago. I love visiting there. It’s quaint and away from the hustle and bustle of the city,” said Stephanie Shute.

Vegas is a popular destination if you are looking for something more traditional. Whether it is summer, spring or winter people are always flocking to the city of sin for a little fun.

Most students aren’t taking classes during the summer so it is easier to pick up and go. If you are looking to visit Vegas try to schedule your trip during the week verses the weekend when prices are more inflated.
Shows are also discounted during the week. Stay at a hotel a mile or two away from the strip. Most people walk in Vegas anyways so staying off the beaten path will save money. Websites like and will promote a hotel and show package for a discounted price.

For students looking to enjoy the outdoors for their summer getaway, camp sites offer summer packages. Everything from camping on the beach or Yosemite National Park, hotels are costly so sleeping in the good ol’ outdoors is a way to cut costs and still enjoy the scenery.

Pitching a tent and spending a week in the woods, on a lake or at the beach is an option for an affordable vacation. Newport Beach offers canoeing in the harbor for $20 an hour.

With gas prices reaching upwards of $4.50 a gallon, try public transportation. The metro link or Amtrak, both offer student discounts and are much cheaper than driving. If you insist on taking your own vehicle visit sites like that give the cheapest gas prices in your area.

California has a lot to offer. Places like San Francisco, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and San Diego, are touristy spots. Unfortunately this can mean jacked up prices.

The last thing your summer vacations should be is financially stressful. Remember to plan in advance. Especially if you are working with a tight budget you want to make sure you are well prepared.

Grab some friends; you can cut your costs by splitting the expenses with others.

So, grab your swim suit, flip flops and sunscreen and go have some fun.



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