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By Misty Williams |Staff Writer|
This week the Santos Manuel Student Union will be hosting a lot of events that tackle feminist, race and transgender issues head on.
On May 9 the SMSU women’s resource center will host “Smashing the Patriarchy Feminist
Unlike ordinary bingo, the stereotypes of feminism will be discussed, specifically topics surrounding if
women should shave their legs, if women need to cook, and why women get paid lower wages than
On May 10, there will be a screening of the film “Forgotten Heroes” by Delan Manongs.
The film will be surrounding the struggle that farmworkers had to go through to gain rights.
The film is based off of a farm labor organizer known as Larry Itliong and a group of Filipino farmers who started one of the biggest farm labor movements.
This film brings to light how the United Farm Workers Union came to light.
On May 11, the pride center will be hosting “Centering the Margins: Queer and Trans People of
This event is meant to focus on what it is like to be a person from the LGBTQT community, while also
being a person of color.
“This event is important because we don’t look at the intersections of our identities when it comes to oppression,” stated student Raul Malondo. 
Malondo focused on how specifically people only focus on the queer identity aspects and things that pertain to the marriage equality or the bathroom laws, as opposed to how it affects queer and trans people of color.
Also, on Wednesday there will be an event called “From a Sistah to Another Sistah.”
This event takes notice of the differences that surround African-American and white women when it comes to feminism.
It is meant to point out the similarities along with the differences that they have.
On May 12 the SMSU will be hosting an open mic called “Speak Yo Truth.”
The open mic is giving students a chance to express themselves without any judgement or boundaries.
During the open mic, students will have the opportunity to perform poetry, rap and/or sing.

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