Unit Overloading

By Monica Rosales |Staff Writer|

Students are overloading on units in an attempt to graduate in a timely manner, however it may be causing a hindrance rather than a benefit.
Unit overloading is available to all students on campus who maintain a 3.0 GPA and better, in efforts to allow them to graduate on time.

For others, unit overloading is a cheaper and quicker way to ensure graduation.
“I did it for two quarters and managed to fill 21 units each because I just liked staying busy, but it just burned me out, and I didn’t feel like it actually benefited me the way I wanted to,” said student Gabe Sanchez.

Some students enjoy staying busy as well and take advantage of unit overloading to fill gaps in a schedule that is convenient to them.

“It benefited me because I now have the classes I needed and haven’t delayed my graduation as much if I waited. It was a lot on my plate but I guess that’s just what you got to do sometimes,” said student Valeria Hunter.

Along with many perks students find with unit overloading, it can also lead to a strain on personal health for multiple reasons.

“I just always feel stressed and sometimes fear I won’t get my homework done in time for certain classes,” said student Keith Thompson.

“I feel like I have no choice in the matter, it is either overload or spend another quarter at school longer than everyone else. I just want to get my career started,” continued Thompson.

Currently CSUSB stands with a graduation rate of 55 percent for students graduating within six years, compared to the lowered percentage of 12 percent for students graduating in four years, according to CSUSB’s Facts and Stats under the About webpage.

With the low graduating rate in four years, the pressure of graduation falls on student’s shoulders, putting pressure on them to find ways to finish school as soon as possible.

“I am trying my best to graduate on time and current course rotations in some quarters there are classes I need or want to take that are not offered,” said student Edgar Herrera.

The life of a college student can be stressful, and the fight for classes so close to graduation does not make it any easier.

Many students find obtaining classes stressful but prefer to avoid any future worries that overloading may cause.

“I like that we can do it to speed up our graduation but don’t like the idea of being overwhelmed and having to come multiple days a week,” said student Steven Orizaga. “With bills needing to be paid, sometimes it’s just not the best idea,” he continued.

Creating a balance between obtaining an education, having a personal life and maintaining health is difficult but necessary for any student who is trying to succeed.

“Overloading caused me more stress than I thought that actually made me feel like I was falling behind rather than advancing,” said student Mario Alvarez.

Unit overloading can provide multiple benefits to students, but there is no shame in completing an education one step at a time.

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