Unicorn Hair, Fashion Trend or Just Crazy?

Maria de Lourdes Campos |Staff Writer|
Things like highlights, ombre, and plain hair are becoming things of the past with the new fashion trend known as “unicorn hair.”

Unicorn hair has gained attention, because it is overly saturated with different fusions of hair color that come together to form a rainbow horn.

“Unicorn hair is best describe as fashion colors that include colors like violet, pink, red, blue, pastel, and neon. The objective to unicorn hair is to go from light to dark with a wide range of colors. It is usually a coloring process that is just created for that one client and tends not to be duplicated exactly the same,” said hairdresser and student Patricia Coronado.

“Unicorn hair varies in design and color. However, when done correctly, both the design and hair color compliment each other, so there’s an art to it. It’s not just the mixing and putting of any color but it’s the process of coloring the hair in order to the attract the eyes,” said Coronado.

“It seems funny to think that unicorns, and hair are the latest fashion craze,” said student Susie Mendoza.

This new form of self expression can be seen as a creative statement.

Unicorn hair has become the latest fashion trend in 2016, with celebrities like Lady Gaga, Raven Symone, and Nikki Minaj rocking the overly saturated hair-do.

“Some might say that this new fashion craze has gain popularity because the initial thought is, ‘Hey, didn’t Minaj just rock that hairdo at the VMA’s?'” said student Tanisha Hollins.

The reason why this new hair trend has gained popularity is because of celebrities who have used their platform to embrace this new artistic expression through their hair.

However, one must not forget that unicorn hair is an artistic expression that is far from cheap.

Many students here at CSUSB cannot afford the upkeep unicorn hair because they have to pay for lunch, parking, and books.

Unicorn hair is more than just a hairdo, it is an artistic expression that allows woman to express their creativity.

“ I just don’t understand how women find this look amusing or fashion forward, because when I look at it, it reminds me of Skittles. Can you ‘taste the rainbow?'” said student Franklin Cabrera.

“Look, I’m all for women’s empowerment. However, if I were to be an employer in a professional setting, and I saw a female applicant with hair shaped like a horn and multiple hair colors, the last thing on my mind would be to hire her. Although it’s a fashion trend, like fashion, one day things are popping and the next they’re not,” said Cabrera.

Although some find this [unicorn hair] fashion trend preposterous, others find it beautiful because it is an artistic expression that promotes creativity.

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