Under the Hollywood Sign

By Janet Martinez |Staff Writer|

Pride Prom was hosted by SMSU Pride Center and took place in the Fourplex of the Santos Manuel Student Union on April 27 from 8-11 p.m.

The progressive event is on its seventh year and many students look forward to this prom in the spring quarter.

The coordinator of this event was Naomi S., who made the event possible for all students to enjoy.

“Students are stereotyped because of their gender or who they are, but with Pride Prom you are able to come as yourself,” said Naomi.

This event was incepted by many LGBTQ-identified students who were not able to attend their school prom because of their inability to be themselves.

Pride Prom allows the community to come together and enjoy a carefree time.

The theme of the Pride Prom this year featured a traditional glamorous feel, with a red carpet laid out and flashing lights surrounding the room, giving attendees a celebrity-like experience.

The entrance had a table with pins and flyers about pride center resources and services.

Snacks were also served for all to enjoy.

In the corner a background was set up for people to take pictures of the memorable night.

Students came dressed to impress with their gowns and full makeup ready to enjoy the night away.

The event was announced through flyers around the school and social media.

A DJ played next to the dance floor to help encourage everyone to dance and enjoy themselves.

The event allows students and community members to freely be themselves in ways they could not.

The event promotes gender equality, encouraging students to feel welcomed and supported for who they are, helping create a sense of unity through out the community.

After hours of dancing the night away, students a volunteers helped clean up together.

The unity that this event brings is very important to our community and students.

The feeling of being able to take part in such a popular event that most students dream of is what these students long for in an event like this.

Pride Prom was not only for members of the Pride Center, everyone was welcomed to attend.

No matter who you were or how you were dressed everyone was invited to enjoy a great time at the 7th annual Pride Prom.

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