“Twisted Metal” wreaks violent vengeance onto PS3

By Brian Chidueme |Staff Writer|

The PlayStation legacy is never complete without “Twisted Metal.”

Since the series’ birth on its birthing platform back in 1995 and its immortalization in 1996 with “Twisted Metal 2,” the car-combat series has played a huge role in shaping PlayStation’s foundation. It is not only the longest running franchise on the console, but also the most successful car-combat franchise to date.

On Feb. 14, the “Twisted Metal” series will officially crash and burn its way back on to the PlayStation 3 with a new reboot. It will blend a style combining the roots and feel of the original title with the gritty style of “Twisted Metal: Black,” which is arguably considered to be both the magnum opus and most controversial title in the franchise’s history.

For this new rendition, “Twisted Metal” will focus heavily on multiplayer gameplay along with new game modes such as Nuke Mode, in which two warring factions must attempt to destroy an airborne metal statue.

The catch is this: in order to destroy the statue, the player must kidnap the enemy team’s leader before sacrificing the leader into what will launch a nuclear missile.

Nuke Mode and the game’s classic Deathmatch mode were the only two modes that were available on the game’s recent multiplayer beta.

After some time spent on the beta, fans of the series will be delighted and relieved that Eat Sleep Play, the game’s developers, have perfected Twisted Metal’s signature gameplay with a new ‘Drift’ feature. It showcases some of the best and most responsive controls in the series.

Even though this new “Twisted Metal” retains the feel and control scheme of previous titles, the developers have included all the online basics: the perfect camera setup, the integration of voice chat and a total of 16 players in one online match. All of these features have been highly demanded by the franchise’s most loyal fans.

The graphics have also been given both a reworking and an overhaul as well. Like “Black” on the PS2, “Twisted Metal” comes very close to harnessing the fullest power of the PlayStation 3, with no pop-up collision between the frame rate and an art style that pays homage to the franchise’s PS1 entries, the game should provide a fun gameplay experience.

The game’s multiplayer beta shows that “Twisted Metal” was destined to become a thrilling and engaging online experience. This new release should prove that the storied franchise is back and better than ever.

Even though “Black” may be the finest title in the franchise’s history, the 2012 rework of “Twisted Metal” will prove to be one of the best reboots yet by showing gamers that the game was born to thrive online.

“Twisted Metal” is due for release on Feb. 14.


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