Tuition outruns financial aid

By Marlyn Rodriguez |Asst. Managing Editor|

Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) reported that inflation has caused an increase in tuition.
PPIC is an organization whose primary goal is to inform residents about public policies through research.
According to recent reports by the PPIC, students nationwide are facing an increase in tuition and a decrease in financial aid.
Within the last four years, the total tuition cost on all CSU campuses has risen by six percent, which is equivalent to $1,000.
Students have not seen an increase at UCs or at private universities. The PPIC reports a price decrease of about $1,000 in private universities.
Students from low-income families are required to pay more than students from high-income households.
Tuition is on a steady rise and students are not offered financial aid to help meet those costs, reports the PPIC. Low-income students rely on financial aid and federal grants to pay for their education.
Public universities in California are composed of 85 percent low-income students.
According to The Sun, 73 percent of students from low-income households had to take out student loans, while only 22 percent of students from high-income households took out loans to pay debts.
Along with tuition costs there is also the cost of living and book expenses.
Jeremy Vieth, student and veteran said, “I don’t think I get enough financial aid but I get compensated by the Chapter 33 G.I. Bill from the VA that makes up the difference. The aid offered by the government barely covers tuition let alone living expenses.”
Vieth is referring to a law which provides benefits for war veterans.
Budget cuts are not only taking place in California. Kelsey Thomas, from the University of Portland, published an article explaining the consequences of the Budget Control Act of 2011.
Thomas interviewed the director of financial aid on her campus, Janet Turner. Turner said during the interview that a consistent decrease in the Federal Pell grants will take place in 2014.
Although the exact amount of the decrease is still unclear, it is evident that Federal Pell grants will be affected.


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