Tuition may rise again next year

By Staphanie Barrera |Staff Writer|


CSUSB may face another potential budget cut which could directly affect student tuition, financial aid, student enrollment and a reduction in personal cost for the next school year.

A press release was distributed earlier this week by CSUSB Office of Public Affairs stating that more budget cuts will lead to an estimated funding loss of $3.8 million from the school’s reserves.

California’s state tax revenue in September was $300 million less than expected reported state Controller John Chiang early last week.

According to Chiang, CSUSB will be directly affected if the budget cuts are triggered.

The Daily Bulletin reported that “a projected $1 billion tax deficit would prompt a $100 million budget cut to Cal State University and University of California systems”.

If the cuts are made, CSUSB can use the $3.8 million that is in the school’s reserves, CSUSB President Dr. Albert K. Karnig said in the school’s press release.

Using the money saved in the reserves will not affect students this year, but according to Karnig “if the cut continues past the end of the fiscal year, in June 2012, the university will have to decrease enrollment, raise tuition costs or reduce personnel costs,” as he told The Daily Bulletin.

Some students at CSUSB are on the defense about budget cuts. Tuition was increased due to budget cuts every quarter in the 2010-2011 school year.

Students received e-mails stating the reason of increase in tuition and reminding them that CSUSB is still amongst the cheapest campuses in all of the CSU system.

According to the CSUSB financial aid web site, 75 percent of enrolled students are receiving some type of financial aid assistance.

CSUSB financial aid website declares that the overall financial aid awarded to students enrolled is approximately $112 million.

If the budget cuts are triggered, and there is no money left over in reserves, then next year’s school tuition is almost guaranteed to increase according to Karnig.

Mariah Harper, a third-year student, says that financial aid relieves a huge financial burden from her and her family.

Although she believes that an increase in tuition will not directly affect her because she has financial aid, she is worried about financial aid being cut.

“If financial aid is cut next year I will have to take out a lot of loans to stay in school and if that’s not an option my last resort will be to drop out completely,” said Harper.

Harper wishes to stay in school but the only way she can do this is if she is given state financial assistance. She explained that tuition is already expensive as it is, and without the help she is getting through financial aid her parents and herself would be unable to pay for school out of pocket.

Harper further described how all of the financial aid assistance she is getting now goes towards paying off the high price of tuition.

With any extra money left over from financial aid she pays for books, her laptop, transportation, the quarterly parking permit and her sorority, Alpha Phi, she said.

Harper hopes there is an end to all these budget cuts soon; she doesn’t want it to affect her education or her ability to reach her goal of attaining a degree from CSUSB.

As of now CSUSB has not reported a definite tuition increase for this year or the next.


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