Tuition hikes frustration, 9 percent more pissed

by Vicki Colbert | Staff Writer |

The California State University Board of Trustees approved a nine percent tuition increase starting fall 2012.

How do the students at CSUSB feel being that they are directly affected by this hike? Two words: Pissed off!

The decision took place in Long Beach, totaling a vote of 9-6 to hike up 2012-13 tuition another $500. During the meeting many CSU students stood outside of the building and chanted “We are the 99 percent.”

According to Trustee Roberta Achtenberg, rejecting the tuition hike would mean less access for students.

“We have an obligation to make this institution run properly,” said Achtenberg.

Others share the attitude that the nine percent hike is a necessity and is not the worst solution being that CSU tuition costs remain the lowest of other state universities in California.

Third-year student Mirna Castro disagrees.

“I have to take more student loans out even though I wanted to keep my student loan debt to a minimum,” she said, “this hike is bullshit.”

As CSU students, it is our responsibility to understand how this new nine percent hike funded by students, loans and aid is directly helping each CSU institution “run properly.”

“The budget request includes nearly $155 million for five percent enrollment growth (about 20,000 students), $85 million for faculty and staff raises, $72 million for technology, maintenance and equipment upgrades and about $26 million for mandatory health, energy and other cost,” as reported in the LA Times.

Five percent enrollment growth also results in a five percent tuition revenue increase. How is enrollment growth accounting for $155 million in necessary budget increases when it brings in almost $6000 per student?

Something just doesn’t add up.

As expected, many students are furious with the CSU budget cuts in addition to the nine percent hike. Many of us do not comprehend the fact that our classes and resources are decreasing, but our fees and tuition are going up each year, six consecutive years to be exact.

“The school is always doing renovation and construction,” said student Rozzelyn Russel, “I hope that’s not where my student loans are going to.”

The CSU system is making it increasingly difficult for us to finish school, let alone try to make a comfortable living for ourselves every time a new fee increase is instated.

Tuition increases discourage students from pursuing higher education without federal aid, scholarships or grants.

For many students who don’t receive any financial aid, like myself, tuition increases are  a huge burden on the road to graduation and damages the will to finish school on time.

As far as the students who protested outside of the board meeting, they had every right to be upset. They represent all the students in the CSU system who are continually getting screwed of the chance at a successful career and future.

For every dollar the CSU Board of Trustees charges its students, we should milk every resource of our campus and take full advantage of the money we put into our university. We are fighting an uphill battle with the pricks who decide how our money is used.


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