Traveling abroad is a must for college students

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower, Paris France

By Suu Elen Manzano |Staff Writer|

Traveling abroad is a no-brainer if you can afford it during your college experience.
CSUSB students have many opportunities throughout the year available to them through the College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA), “Doing business in Asia or Europe” programs.
If you have never had the opportunity to travel, CSUSB wants you to do so in an educational environment.
Take it from me it’s a must on your college experience list.
I know that as students we often don’t realize the educational benefits of traveling abroad in terms of a well-rounded education.
However, I am sure you’ve encountered more than your fair share of foreign exchange students bustling around campus getting a global education and, might I add, a competitive edge.
“This program broadens the mind of the students to the world we are living in,” said professor and co-director of the Global Management Center Dr. Vipin Gupta, “It exposes students to different ways of doing business, differences in culture, and provides a greater confidence to deal with uncertainties and situations.”
Gupta further asserts that it is not necessary for students to be part of the (CBPA) to participate in the program; it is open to all students who wish to enroll.
For instance Juan Ruelas, an accounting major, traveled abroad with the CBPA to Europe visiting Germany, France and Turkey.
“Getting to meet new people, especially students our age you get a whole different perspective on how people live and study in other countries,” said Ruelas.
This two-week program allows you to interact with professors and students in other countries while gaining 4 units of credit.
Now some of you may be thinking that this sounds great but may have some concerns regarding costs.
Program fees vary slightly but are in the ball park of $3,000 dollars. The fee includes airfare, lodging and most meals.
Sounds unreasonable? Of course, we’re students, but trust me, it’s well worth it and if you’re still concerned about the price they offer a $500 scholarship and financing through the Financial Aid office.
Don’t concern yourself too much, instead think of what you can gain from this program both personally and academically.
“It is a special experience, I learned how to start and run a business, as well as marketing and research,” said International student Eileen Chen.
This program offers a great and unique experience. It does require you to work vigorously if you want to obtain an A in the course, but you can also take a more laid back approach and enjoy the scenery.
If you have never traveled abroad it is a good way to gauge your ability to enjoy or survive another culture as it is only two weeks long.
You’ll definitely learn about yourself and possibly about how to handle multiple demands in an entirely different cultural environment and professional setting.
Try it out, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! For further details contact Professor Vipin Gupta at, office number JB404.



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