Trainer Spotlight: Gonzalo Salazar Jr.

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By Gregory Gammill |Staff Writer|

Trainers at the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (RC) have been known to increase students athletic abilities with their advice for workout regimens, dieting and recovery.

There are several health-related options that our school provides for students to enjoy and to ensure they get the best options for fitness.

The RC provides our students and staff the option to get suggestions from trainers that best benefit their workouts.

Gonzalo Salazar Jr. is one of 15 RC trainers available to give advice on diets, workout regiments and any types of recovery for after workouts.

Salazar Jr. graduated in 2015 with a degree in Kinesiology with a double concentration in exercise science and pre-physical therapy with the hopes of becoming a physical therapist.

His advice for anyone who is just beginning to workout for the first time or the first time in a while is simple; prepare the body and mind.

“Do your research, always figure out why it is that you are going to workout and know when you’re doing a workout, what the purpose of it is and how is this going to benefit my body,” said Salazar Jr.

The general advice he would give to anyone lifting weights for the first time would be to have a spotter for lifting heavy weights.

“You can always look up any type of website that provides you with a workout regiment and from there you can come to us where we have ‘Ask a Trainer’ and to give you answers if you’re right or wrong,” said Salazar Jr.

Having a well thought out nutrition plan and diet is another key aspect of trying to get in shape, along with the help lifting weights for hours at a time.

“I’m not a nutritionist, but I go off of the basics breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few snacks throughout the day to help ease hunger,” said Salazar Jr.

In line with his advice for working out and eating, he also suggests what the basics are for consuming nutrients throughout the day.

“Breakfast is always carbs with proteins, greens and carbs for lunch, proteins and veggies reduce the carb intake so for dinner have fish or chicken and fruit is a good snack,” said Salazar Jr.

The last aspect of working out is to be sure that your recovery process is contributing to your muscles after you are done working out.

“Eat 30 minutes to an hour after working out as your body needs the fuel to power you, so try to consume protein and some type of carb, depending on what your goals are,” said Salazar Jr.

“Protein shakes work great for recovery,” said Salazar Jr.

Future and current Coyotes, rejoice, Salazar Jr. continues his path of fitness and offers up a final piece of his mind for those stepping into the gym for the first time.

“You’re here in the gym, that is the first step in trying, just ask for help and we would be honored to assist,” said Salazar Jr.

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