Track meet goes well for Coyotes

By Kiara Paul |Asst. Sports Editor|

Coyote Women’s Track and Field headed out to Claremont to compete in the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Rossi Relays on Feb. 27.

The Coyotes competed in multiple activities throughout the course of the day, placing high in many categories.

Each activity is broken down into sections that are categorized by top  athletes to lowest ranking athletes.

Each Coyote has two places; one where they placed in the section they participated in and the second where they placed overall out of all the other athletes in the activity.

One of the first activities to take place was the 100-meters. The Coyotes ran in the fourth, sixth, and seventh sections for the 100.

Taylor Matthews ran in section four of the 100, coming in at 12.77 seconds. Matthews placed first in section four and thirteenth overall.

In section six, Witley Simpson ran 14.01 seconds for the 100, placing seventh in her section and 53rd overall.

Jaqueline Mota and Amoya Dunn ran section seven for the 100, Mota placed third and Dunn sixth for section seven. Overall, Mota placed 49th and Dunn 57th out of all the athletes who participated in the 100.

The next activity was the 300-meters. Patricia Cortez ran in section one, she came in 10th place in her section and overall at 10 minutes, 29 seconds.

Soleil Hall also ran the 300 in section one, coming in 16th place for section one and 17th overall. Hall’s time was 10 minutes, 47 seconds.

For section two of the 300, Jessica Steinhoff and Alyssa Casillas both ran. Steinhoff came in first for section two; her overall place was 13th and her time was 10 minutes, 38 seconds.

Casillas placed sixth for the section and 41st overall for the 300. Casillas’ time was 11 minutes, 27 seconds.

The 100-meter hurdles came after, in which Jazmine Jones placed first in section five and 18th overall. Jones’ time was 16.10 seconds to complete the hurdles.

Trisha Toyotome competed in section two of the 400-meter hurdles; her time was 1 minute, 16 seconds. Toyotome came in seventh for her section and 21st over all.

Jones and Shanna Shernaman both participated in section three of the 400 hurdles. Jones’ time was 1 minute, 9 seconds; she came in second for the section and 10th overall.

Shernaman ran in third for section three and 16th overall, her time was 1 minute, 14 seconds.

In the 4×100 relay, Yanitza Padfeld, Tiana Watson, Jones and Matthews ran in section two. The ladies placed first for section two and seventh in all the teams that ran the 4×100 relay.

Moving away from races, next up was the shot put, discus and javelin. Rather than sections, the activities are categorized into flights based on the athletes abilities.

Kassandra Rico-Alvarez did well in shot put. She placed sixth in flight two and 21st overall, her throw at 32 feet, 10 inches. While Samone Everett, who threw in the third flight, placed third in her flight and 19th overall. Everett’s throw measured 33 feet.

Everett and Rico-Alvarez both competed in the discus throw in the second flight. Rico-Alvarez placed second in her flight and 13th overall, her throw measuring 104 feet, 2 inches.

Everett’s throw measured 94 feet, 5 inches; she placed third in the second flight and 15th overall.

The final activity was the javelin throw. Padfeld and Courtney Hamilton participated in the javelin throw.

Padfeld placed eighth in the second flight of the javelin throw and 18th overall, her throw 88 feet, 5 inches.

Hamilton placed third in flight three and 21st overall, her throw 82 feet, 8 inches.

The Coyotes look forward to their next meet on March 11 in Fullerton.




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