Toughness fuels Mitchell’s career goals

By Chelsea Underwood |Staff Writer|

Senior Alex Mitchell is an avid athlete who shows that with a strong mentality and a good work ethic anything is possible. Mitchell has played softball for 15 years and over the course of time she has learned a lot about herself as an athlete.

Her mom was the one that influenced her to play softball but her dad and older brother were the ones who pushed and prepped her to become a better athlete.

She grew up with her brother who challenged her to be mentally and physically strong by picking on her and by play-fighting in order to toughen her up.

“It’s that fight to never give up that my brother instilled in me,” said Mitchell. Her brother taught her to fight but she was born with her dad’s competitiveness in sports, according to Mitchell.

Her dad started his own 18-and-under travel softball team called So Cal Stars in San Bernardino, which Mitchell participated in.

Even though he was the coach, he would work her harder than any of the other players to show he was not going easy on his daughter.

She also participated in the winning softball program at Cajon High School all four years and excelled there as an athlete, participating not only in softball, but golf and track as well.

Mitchell showed her athleticism and versatility, continuing through Coyote softball. Playing as a Coyote for four years, Mitchell has shown significant improvement in her hitting since high school, especially her slapping (bunting for a base hit).

She had some help from the hitting coach but knew that if she wanted to get better she had to improve in another way as well.

“I would buy videos from Division I coaches to find out how they do [slapping],” said Mitchell. “I would try to teach myself.”

She has received constructive criticism from her coaches and makes sure to practice on her time in order to strengthen her weaknesses.

Coach Duncan invited players to come early to practice and Mitchell gladly accepted. “My work ethic grew more and that came from coach Duncan,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell is practicing her work ethic in her studies for her major in kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise science.

After graduating she plans on continuing her education by going for her masters in athletic training but has not decided which school she will go to.

Despite her plans to move forward, Mitchell is not quite ready to put up her glove and cleats. This summer she, along with fellow teammates Carly Land, Britney Butler, and Jamie Leffingwell, will be participating in the USA Athletes International Organization (USAAI).

They will be playing in Australia against other countries over a two week tournament. After batting a blistering .384 this season, Mitchell is sure to continue her brilliance during the summer and contribute greatly to her team.

In addition, she also contributed with 24 RBIs and 2 home runs, not to mention her nearly impeccable fielding percentage of .954.

It is clear that Mitchell has a bright future ahead of her and that she will use her education and her toughness to reach her goals.

While she will be missed on our diamond, we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. Mitchell’s work ethic, which drives her to become a better player and person, will surely continue after graduation.

“You are not hurting yourself by working harder, you are only making yourself better,” said Mitchell. “So why not put forth the extra effort.”