Tough times means looking for more discounts

By Jessica Ramirez |Staff Writer|

Saving money is a goal of many people during this financial crisis.

As they don’t have that extra money for those desired trips to Six Flags, Disneyland or even to the movies.

It’s better paying $7 instead of $12, saving you $5 at the movies or paying $95 as opposed to a gross amount more for a two-day stay at Disneyland.
Well, for students, they don’t have to look any further as Associated Student Inc (ASI) is offering the discounts you have been searching for.

ASI is an organization on campus, that represent the needs and interests of our student body and promotes and organize many of the events held on campus.

The ASI Box Office sells tickets from the dispenser such as Castle Park, Legoland and Knott’s Berry Farm at a good price.

The most requested tickets sold are for Disneyland. ASI has two special offers, the one day pass for $71 for adults and $65 for children and a two day stay for $94.25 for all ages.

Movie tickets are another good seller which includes tickets for AMC, Edwards Cinema and Krikorian Theater.

Other popular places that the ASI Box Office sells tickets for are Sea World, Universal Studios, Medieval Times, Scandia, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Castle Park.

The prices are discounted and save you money.

Sea World tickets are sold at $55 per adult and $48 per child, Universal Studios is $55 for all ages, Medieval Times $42 per adult and $31.50 per child, Scandia, for all ages is $13.50, Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets are $26 per adult and $17.50 for child, and Castle Park tickets $16 adults and $12 for child.

Prices are subject to change due to expiration of tickets.

The tickets are available for purchase to students, faculty and alumni.

To purchase the tickets you must have a valid Coyote ID or an alumni fee card, and the ASI Box Office only accept cash or check.

There is a limit of 10 tickets per person due to the fact that some people re-sell the tickets.

“I bought movie tickets and Disneyland tickets; the service has been good so far,” said student Maria Fierros.

ASI offers tickets to the most popular places that students are interested in going to.

“We sell what we know will sell, and once in a while we’ll try out other places that students request more of,” said Diana Wilson, a student employee for the ASI Box Office.

The discounts are year round except on spring break when the office is closed and are also available during summer except Fridays.

“I think it’s a good place to save, it’s a cheaper kind of service for students,” said student Lety Molinero.

If you’re looking for entertainment or something to do and not willing to spend much money visit the ASI Box Office for cheap and fun deals.

For more information and hours of service visit the ASI Box Office located in the Student Union next to the ASI Office (SMSU-108).



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