Top 4 video games of 2014

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By Ezequiel Ramos |Staff Writer|

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New video games are hitting the market with awesome new graphics; these new video games are becoming more realistic and enhance every gamer’s experience.

One franchise that never ceases to amaze is Call of Duty. The newest installment Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hit the stores on Nov. 3.

“The graphics are seriously so amazing. With the new Xbox one and the new COD game, I’m set,” said student Samuel Rodriguez.

The graphics aren’t the only new addition; Call of Duty enhanced their gameplay as well. New body suits that perform unthinkable functions, and new weapons that seem futuristic and unimaginable both come together to take warfare to a whole new level.

Academy award winner Kevin Spacey stars in this game as one of the most powerful men in the world, and plays a huge role in throughout the entire game.

Another game that is on the rise is the first-person shooter, “Destiny.” This game was developed by the creators of Halo, which was a big hit to the whole gaming community.

“I really like the game Destiny because it has a mixture of all first-person shooter games. It allows me to free roam and enjoy all of the maps without being stuck to one specific mission,” said student Drue Mendoza.

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“Destiny’s” game play allows you to roam about different planets and galaxies and fight off enemies for the greater good. Missions are intense, but keep you glued to your screen as you find secrets and collect missing pieces of the game.

“Destiny is awesome because it allows you to customize your gear. Other games don’t let you do that and it really sucks,” said student Alex Salazar.

Another interesting game that has been released is “Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.”
“Diablo’s” missions are set up with five acts, allowing the player to choose between various characters to help save the world.

“I have no time to play video games, but I bought this one just because. I was pretty stoked that I bought it because it has a lot for me to do unlike most games where missions only last a couple minutes and then its over,” said student Sean Ehrenkranz.

With the new Playstation 4, the graphics on this game were near perfect, enabling the gamer to see every detail of the game.

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While first-person shooter games are fun, gamers are enjoying sport games too.
FIFA ‘15 and Madden ‘15 are two of the most bought and well-known, action-packed sports games on the market.

Madden has a lot of features, allowing the player to serve multiple functions. It has fantasy football, online gaming and “my madden,” which allows the gamer to control one player throughout the season.

“I’ve always been a fan of Madden because I’m a football fan. This Madden is different because of the design of plays and how consistent the players are,” said student Steven Pittman.

New offensive plays in the game allow the gamer to expand their options and have more fun.

FIFA ‘15 and its graphics aren’t the only thing that has people talking, but also how realistic it is to play on a game console.

“Its seriously worth the money because of the content that comes with it. It has become more competitive which makes me want to play it all the time,” said student Bryan Celis.

You are able to see statistics and ratings of the player and how well they perform during their match. In real life, all these players have skills and capabilities, and the gamer holds the power to control them in the palm of their hands.

Most of these games are available on Xbox and PlayStation and other consoles, but some of them are only limited to one or the other.



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