Tom Morello joins Wisconsin protests

By Jennifer Peters

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Rage Against the Machine guitarist, Tom Morello will now be aiming rage at Wisconsin courthouses as he will be delivering support to aid protesters in their fight to protect labor unions.


He will be supporting the cause by giving a free concert Feb, 28 2011 organized by the labor unions on the ground.


There have been protests for the past few weeks outside the statehouse in Madison Wis. fighting for protection of labor union rights. The protesters do not want the bill proposed by Gov. Scott Walker to be passed.


The underlying force unifying the protesters is music.
“Wisconsin statehouse has had a background soundtrack of Bruce Springsteen, Journey and even the Beastie Boys blasting from speakers as marchers walk around chanting ‘Kill the bill!’ and ‘Recall Walker!’ according to reports from The Huffington Post.


Feeling like their cause has not reached as much media notoriety that the citizens of Wisconsin thinks it deserves, protesters have elicited support from political singer Tom Morello.


For decades Morello, whose musical alias is The Nightwatchman, has been playing folk music with political messages.


Morello has been closely following the controversies in Wisconsin and was excited to see that the protestors are still very energetic and loud in support of their cause.


In an interview with The Huffington Post., Morello explained that the right to collective bargaining rights is very personal to him.


Morello is a member of the Professional Musicians Local 47 in Los Angeles, and his mother worked at a public high school in Illinois for more than 30 years. So he knows first-hand the importance and value of collective unionization.


Morello agreed to support the cause because he understands their struggle and their rights to have rights. “I really think that the future of the rights of working people in this country is not going to be decided in the courts.”


Morello gave comforting and supportive words to the protestors fighting in Wisconsin. “Justice is beautiful, but justice is never free … Breathe deep Wisconsin justice, is in the air. And may the spirit of Tahir Square be in every beating heart in Madison today.”


Morello is passionate about this cause because he recognizes the real issue surrounding the protest. “So clearly the issue isn’t the state budget. It’s breaking the right of working people to stand up to corporate power. That’s what they want to do, and that’s what we’re not going to let them do.”


Morello is willing to offer his support and play in any state fighting for workers’ rights. “”Wherever The Nightwatchman is needed, The Nightwatchman will be.”


Easing the civil uproar through the power of music is a task Morello feels up to. Hopefully through his presence the protesters will maintain their passion and continue fighting for their cause.


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