TLC showcases a different side of Modern America

By Carolina McCarthy |Staff Writer|

This November, TLC allows our society to explore the melting pot of America with their highly anticipated reality show “All-American Muslim.”

This eight-part series allows people take a peek into the lives of five different Muslim-American families living in a post Sept. 11 environment.

The show is filmed in suburban Dearborn, Mich. This city is known for its very large number of Arab-Americans.

When producing this show, TLC chose five very diverse families ranging from a very culturally rooted family to a more “Americanized” family.

The first family introduced on the TLC website is a culturally based family, the Amens. Out of the four Amen children, three are still pretty closely attached to their roots.

However, one daughter by the name of Shalia is labeled the “rebel” according to TLC due to her tattoos, piercings and choice to not to wear the traditional hijab.

The next family, the Aoudes, is a newlywed couple expecting their first child. This couple is struggling to try and find an equal balance between their traditional and American roots.

The way they decide to raise their child with this type of perspective is something that the show will be discussing this upcoming season.

The only words TLC uses to describe the wife of the next family is she “walks to the beat of her own drum.”  Lina Bazzy-Aliahmad was raised in a strictly Muslim household. However today, she has been able to get past the cultural barriers to “live her own life.”

This business woman is now on the struggling route to opening her own night-club in a predominantly male community.

The next family TLC introduces to the world is the Jaafars. This family struggles to balance highly demanding careers and their commitments in the household.

Lastly, society is welcomed into the doors of the Zaban family. This highly traditional household is still strongly connected to their roots.

They partake in the cultural tradition of Ramadan, and the two oldest daughters wear the hijab by the influence of their mother.

These subtle insights into the life of these families allow the viewer to see a diverse spectrum of Muslim life.

Whether the family is completely traditional, a little more Americanized or trying to find an equal balance of both, this show has something for the culturally curious.

This eye-opening reality show is preparing to premiere on TLC Nov. 13th at 10 p.m.

Video clips and a more in depth-perspective is given about each of the families on the TLC website.

In the meanwhile, be prepared to set your DVRs to witness this groundbreaking show.


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