Title IX and Gender Equity wants to support students

By Cecilia Gutierrez |Staff Writer|

Photo Apr 23, 1 58 06 PMTitle IX was produced to protect students and allow a helpful network of educated individuals in supporting victims of sexual discrimination, harassment and violence.

Title IX was first enacted in 1972 to promote gender equality in athletic law and has since grown to incorporate discrimination on the basis of sex in all aspects of education, and its jurisdiction on and off campus.

This means that if a student is sexually assaulted off-campus, they are still protected under Title IX.

The Obama Administration has created a White House Task Force to extinguish violence on college campuses.

This is the main goal for all Title IX coordinators, and they do so with outreach, prevention, training, support and events.

There are actually several upcoming events taking place on campus.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and CSUSB’s Director and Title IX Coordinator, Cristina Martin, gathered many of the departments on campus who helped with plans for programming. This included the Title IX & Gender Equity office, the Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU).

Many people misinterpret Title IX as a criminal investigation program. The Title IX & Gender Equity office, however, is separate and apart from the University Police Department (UPD).

The Title IX & Gender Equity only works with the UPD if they have a concurrent investigation.

Their investigation is administrative, not criminal, and it is often a place where students might look for help in reporting as assault if they are not ready to report to the police.

Martin has been investigating sexual assaults for the past 15 years.

In regards to her goals as Title IX & Gender Equity’s coordinator, she stated:
“I, personally, want to be able to reach out to our students to educate them on how to have healthy relationships because dating violence is real.”

It’s also important for students to be able to openly communicate what they feel comfortable doing with their partner.

“I really do want students to know that there is a core group of leaders who believe in Title IX and want our  community to feel safe throughout the pursuit of their educational goals,” stated Martin.

Martin has the authority to change schedules and rearrange housing accommodations, if needed, for student’s safety.

The process of coming forth with an allegation can be emotionally difficult for the party involved.

CSUSB’s coordinator allows allegations to be submitted via e-mail or upon walk-in.

If anyone has a Title IX issue they would like to report, they can stop by SMSU room 103A and speak with the director and Title IX coordinator Martin who will walk you through the steps necessary for completing a report.

Students may also visit CSUSB’s TItle IX website at titleix.csusb.edu for more information or to file a claim.

Defeating sexual violence is an ongoing battle. With education and knowledge of CSUSB’s resources we can all help make a difference.

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