Timeless love stories exposed for Valentine’s Day

By Krystina Pedersen |Staff Writer|

Valentine’s Day is here again. For some it’s a day of love, excitement and surprise. For others it’s a day of heartbreak and misery.

“Valentine’s Day is a day to share love, not just with a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, but a day to share love with family and friends,” said student Anisha Puri.

Most people can trace their memories all the way back to elementary school where Valentine’s Day consisted of distributing cards and little goodies to everyone in your class and doing little arts and crafts.

When Abigail Perez was in kindergarten she made a special cupcake for her crush, but got into an argument with her cousin on her way to deliver the cupcake and smashed it into her face.

When Amanda Luckett was in the eighth grade she shared her first kiss with her crush at school on Valentine’s Day. While locking lips a teacher spotted them and ordered them into the principal’s office. “We got into a lot of trouble. The principle was so mad he made us write an essay on why kissing at school is bad,” said Luckett.

For Filiberto Quintana Valentine’s Day wasn’t as joyous as he had hoped during his eighth grade year.

“I bought this girl a bunch of stuff cause I liked her and she liked me, and I planned to give it to her on Valentines.” But when the big day came around, the girl confessed to Quintana that she has been secretly dating his best friend behind his back.

Although he was upset, Quintana forgave the girl and still keeps in touch with her today. As for his friend, he found it harder to look past the betrayal.

But as time goes on, Valentine’s Day gets a little deeper. For most people it is viewed as a day of love and allows them to show their love to people they care about through whatever ways they feel expresses their feelings.

For people like Roman Lopez, Valentine’s Day is a day for him to get creative and express his feeling to his loved ones through music.

Two years ago Lopez surprised his high school sweetheart with flowers and a song he had written on his guitar for her.
“My girlfriend loved the song because it was made especially for her, and she thought it showed that I put a lot of thought and time into her gift,” said Lopez.

As for Audrina Fausto, Valentine’s Day 2010 was one of the sweetest she’s experienced.

Her freshmen year of high school, Fausto befriended a senior boy.

When graduation came to pass instead of enrolling in college he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was deployed to Iraq.

The two lost touch, but eventually reconnected over Myspace and began to text and converse over the phone.

“It was Valentine’s Day, and I heard the door bell ringing. When I went to answer it – there was a bouquet of roses from him, I was so shocked and happy, it was really unexpected,” said Fausto.

After she received the flowers, Fausto thanked him and they continued to keep in contact until he was deployed to Afghanistan where they lost touch for good. She still hasn’t heard from him to this day.

For Fausto, Quintana, Luckett, Perez and Lopez who all had very different experiences on Valentine’s Day, they all can agree that no matter what their experience Valentine’s Day is still a day to express love in many different ways.

And they still continue to celebrate it with friends, family and significant others.


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