Thrift Shops Make Comeback

By Justine Plemons |Staff Writer|

It’s no secret most college students are strapped for cash but local thrift stores are helping combat the budget crunch.

Students are always looking for good deals on clothing but what about furniture or house hold items? Living on your own brings a wide variety of challenges. Students often take for granted the household items that are available at home.

We have tuition, books, clothing and gas to pay for so buying household items at an affordable cost helps. The Redlands Goodwill has a wide variety of housewear items including plates, silverware and cooking items. Most of which were under $10. If you were to buy plates, glasses, and silver ware at a department stores it would be upward of $100.

Living on your own gets expensive enough without having to pay top dollar for everyday item and saving money on these items at a low cost makes the transition into independent living easier. Thrift stores like Salvation Army located on Colton Avenue in Redlands offer a wide variety of furniture as well. Complete sets of couches, chair, dining tables and televisions at inexpensive prices.

When I visited the Salvation Army a complete couch and love seat set sold for under $200. The quality of the furniture and items are above average and better then the milk crates used for storage.

These aren’t your grandmother’s thrift shops. Some of these stores offer some rare finds. Vintage clothes are making a comeback and are expensive in department stores.

“You have to really look but I found great pieces for my daughters school play,” said Misty Levingston.  I found great vintage pieces in Valley Thrift and Hidden Treasures that I see students wearing around campus every day. IS THIS JUSTINE OR MISTY?

Assistance League in Redlands not only offer great deals of clothing but their work for community is tremendous. This thrift shop is only the size of a classroom but offers huge contributions to the community.

All of the profits made from the donations directly benefit the programs the store has to offer. Programs like Professional Women of Redlands provide clothing, back to school kits, hygiene products, and shoes to underprivileged kids in Redlands and Yucaipa.

“We cloth about 1200 kids…most of which have never had a toothbrush or comb,” said Ginger Lassiter, a volunteer for Assistance League of Redlands.

They partner with students from Loma Linda Dental School to put on Operation School Bell that offers free and low cost dental services to the community.

“We follow the motto good merchandise and responsible prices.” who or wear is this from

Benefiting the community is their priority.

Next time you pass by a thrift store step inside. You aren’t just benefiting your wallet but the community as well. For more information about local thrift shops visit



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