This weeks movements through hashtags

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Stars like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Lorde, and Lena Dunham have publicly shown their support for Kesha during her widely publicized court battle with record producer Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, also known as Dr. Luke, and Sony Music.

On Feb. 19 a New York judge denied a court injunction that would have released the “Tik Tok” singer from working with her alleged abuser and his record label, Kemosabe Entertainment.

“I couldn’t believe that the judge denied the injunction. It was shocking to me especially at a time when women are fighting for equal rights,” said student Samantha Cortez.

The singer-songwriter filled a lawsuit back in October 2014 against the producer for allegedly drugging and raping her a decade ago.

Gottwald (Dr. Luke) has denied claims made against him and finally broke his silence through a series of tweets on Twitter.

“It’s sad that she would turn a contract negotiation and turn it into something so horrendous and untrue,” stated Gottwald.

The court’s decision frustrated the public but they have shown support through various ways.

Many people are showing support through social media by using #freekesha and a GoFundMe page apparently made to “buy” Kesha out of Sony.

“No evidence to support her assertion that the agreement were not entered into freely or voluntarily as a result of arm’s length negotiation,” said the New York judge.

All hope is not lost however, the judge also added that she will wait for any more evidence that can help Kesha’s claim before she completely dismisses the case.



An Oxford University elevator was occupied by Shia LaBeouf for 24 hours to talk to strangers in his most recent “artistic performance,” called “Elevated.”

On Feb. 19 the “Transformers” actor announced through his Twitter that he and his fellow artistic partners, Luke Turner and Sade Ronkko, would be occupying an elevator at the Oxford Union and the public was welcome to join them.

LaBeouf is known for his highly profiled acting career and most recently for his creative performances alongside artist Turner and Ronkko, members of his artistic collective.

The trio is known for various art performances they had throughout the last year like “I Am Not Famous Anymore” and “All My Movies,” which have gotten major worldwide attention.

“Elevated” was live streamed through YouTube where viewers had a chance to experience the performance while it was happening.

The camera was mainly focused on the silver elevator doors that opened every 15 minutes, which forced you to focus on the conversation the artist had with the public.

The description of the artistic project was described on the Oxford Union YouTube channel but it seemed to be just another attempt to make art out of nothing.

The topics between the public and the actor ranged from movies he liked, to his parents’ opinion on his art, and a fan’s request to get slapped by LaBeouf.

“I didn’t get a chance to see the live stream but I like Shia LaBeouf because he likes to explore a more artistic side apart from acting,” said student Raquel Sanchez.

There are 3 separate videos, each 6 to 10 hours long on the Oxford Union YouTube Channel, where you can hear more of what is heard of each artists.

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