This Spring’s must have accessory: Flower headbands

By Nailea Ayala |Staff Writer|


Fashion has become an important accessory at music festivals and local clothing stores are taking advantage of the upcoming festivals; they have raised prices on the most popular spring trends, including the famous floral crowns.
Young women, especially students, should not have to purchase flower crowns at a high price when these crowns can easily be made at home.
Making your own flower crown gives you the opportunity to decide exactly how you want it to look, since you decide the kinds of flowers and the size of your personalized flower crown.
“I bought my flower crown online for Coachella last year. It cost $15 plus shipping, so I would much rather make it myself this year,” said student Dalia Elizarraraz.
She is not the only one that has decided to make her crown at home.
“My friends and I will be making our flower crowns this year. They’ll end up costing about $10,” said student Angeline Trieu.
Here are five easy steps to help you arrive to music festivals in the latest accessories.
This project costs around $8 and you can find the materials at your local crafts store. Materials needed for this project are an assortment of artificial flowers, jute twine, floral wire, scissors, and tape (optional and only used on flowers that are a bit loose).

STEP 1: Using the floral wire, create a circle that fits your head, make sure you can take it on and off comfortably. Wrap twine all around the circle. This will help when tying the artificial flowers.

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STEP 2: Cut out a short piece of twine and place it under the flower bud, then tie it to the twine you used on the floral wire.

STEP 3: Continue grouping flowers and tying them to the twine, make sure the knots are tight.

STEP 4: Layer the flowers so no floral wire can be seen. Continue to cover the entire crown.

STEP 5: Using scissors, cut off leftover twine that is still visible.

Fold the petals to make the flowers sturdier and stay the way you want them.
Flower crowns take time, but are easy to make.



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