This school is crowded.

By Danielle Brooks  |Staff Writer|

CaptureEvery school year, the student population on campus grows and unfortunately, this trend will affect students in the future.

This being my fourth year at CSUSB, I have noticed that the population on campus seems to be flourishing.

“I’ve been on campus for a few years now, but I’ve noticed that it seems to be especially crowded this year,” said student Kimber Veca.

“I used to get ‘princess parking’ for my 8 A.M. classes before this year, but now there’s significantly more students taking early morning classes,” added Veca.

Not only is parking scarce and class enrollment difficult, but students have also claimed that the Starbucks line has reached record breaking lengths this quarter.

“The line for Starbucks has always been fairly long, but I’ve seen days where the line has wrapped around the corner in front of the Coyote Market,” said student Marco-Polo Cortez.

Registering for classes was a substantial concern for students when I interviewed them about the large student population.

Many students feel that registering for classes will become more difficult than what it has already been in past years.

image2.PNG“I’ve been trying to get into the pre-nursing program, but I know that the program was already impacted before the increase of students, so I’m beginning to feel discouraged,” said student Sabri Brown.

Most students I interviewed agreed that the campus has definitely gotten more crowded and those who didn’t agree, felt that the campus has always been affected so they don’t feel much of a difference this school year.

Although many can agree that CSUSB attendance is increasing, no one really has an explanation as to why, so I decided to do some research.

College Portrait of Undergraduate Education claims that in Fall 2012, the first-time student retention rate was 89 percent. Each year, retention increases and the number of students dropping out decreases.

Beau Yarbrough, from The San Bernardino Sun claims, “The university has seen a 55 percent increase in applications from transfer students and a 29 percent increase in applications from first-time students.”

CSUSB has even made it more difficult for future students to get admitted due to the increase of applications received each year.

The issue of overpopulation may be beginning now, but it is sure to get worse in the near future.

Starting with the high school class of 2015, local students will be gaining automatic acceptance to CSUSB per the memorandum signed by university President Tomas Morales and School District Superintendent Dale Marsden.

The agreement will take place in Fall 2015.

According to Yarbrough, students are required to have no attendance problems, satisfactory grades and meet all of the Cal State University college entrance requirements.

Those requirements, collectively known as A-G requirements, include college preparatory courses in history, social science, English, math, lab sciences, and studying a foreign language.

Although the memorandum will have a huge impact on the school, there is no need to stress.

There are a few things you can do to help ease the frustration of fighting for a parking space or trying to get the classes you need to graduate.

Plan ahead to give yourself enough time to find parking before class and schedule a meeting with an adviser to come up with a plan B when registration comes around.



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