Theme of the weekend…

By Steph Paniagua |Staff Writer|

So this last weekend was completely unlike my last weekend.

Last weekend started off with me being sick, like super sick and bed ridden. As a result of that I missed out on a whole lot of social events and a community service event.

This weekend, though, started off how I planned but didn’t end like I planned.

Friday and Saturday I was able to go out like a typical college senior and have a great time with people I truly care about. But today was the real highlight of my weekend.

Today (Sunday) is the founding day of an organization called Kappa Delta Sorority, of which I am a proud member. Today marks it’s 114th birthday.

To celebrate this day rather than staying home and sending a bunch of “Happy Founder’s Day” text messages, I went to Kappa Delta’s new member meeting and shared with them my experience, time and passion for Kappa Delta.

I was there for about four hours just sitting, laughing and taking in all the energy and curiosity the new class was exemplifying. I was literally feeding off of it, relating to them through past experiences and memories.

At the end of the meeting, each and every new member shared what they wanted out of this sorority and for me it meant the world to see how emotional they all were for something they have only experienced for just a few short weeks.

Sunday, the last day of my weekend, made me realize that it is important to recognize and appreciate things that one is passionate about. For me, it is my sorority. For you, it may be a sport or hobby or tradition that you keep to every day, month or year.

Take a moment every now and then, even if there isn’t a specific or set day, to reflect on that passion. It most likely will have helped mold and shape you into the person you are today.

The theme of my weekend: appreciation for my passion


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