Theme of the weekend…

By Steph Paniagua |Staff Writer|

Rain, rain, rain is what finished off my weekend, not to mention the loss of my voice because I got sick once again!!

However this weekend was filled with another lesson learned, actually a few lessons learned, by covering an event that I volunteered to cover for my next story.

On Saturday I attended the White House Hispanic Community Action Summit at UCR. The summit consisted of White House Officials, representing President Obama, coming to the Inland Empire to talk about educational problems the Hispanic community is facing.

I honestly can say that I learned a lot from this event and experienced a huge wake-up call.

The first thing that I learned was the steps Obama is taking in order to help out the Hispanic community.  The second thing I learned was how the Hispanic community is now more than ever being discriminated against.

I spoke to a woman at the summit who told me about an experience she went through involving the local government. Basically she complained to city council members about young kids banging on her door at night. Rather than investigating the incidents they did nothing.

The main reason, though, why she was there was to talk about an issue going on at libraries within the city of Rubidoux. She wanted to inform community members about how accessible it is for children to look at porn because firewalls on the computers are easy to get past.

To her this was a great concern number 1) because a lot of mothers were complaining about their children being able to access sites such as these, and number 2) because these sites are so explicit that they allow children to navigate to even more explicit sites, and number 3) because most of the community is made up of Hispanics.

The woman told me that she already complained to city council members about this as well, yet they have not done anything to try and fix the problem. She told me that she believes the local government does not care about what is happening within the Hispanic community and that they do not have any interest in helping them succeed.

Another thing I learned is how the city of Jurupa Valley, which combined the old cities Rubidoux, Glen Avon (which is where I basically grew up) and Mira Loma, is raising prices in housing. If you do not know these old cities I just named are full of low-income Hispanic families. Because of this, many of the families are going to have to move out or lose their homes that they can already barely afford.

Before attending this event I thought sincerely in my heart that the United States was moving past the issues of racism and discrimination. I didn’t think that it was getting worse since so many movements and protest leaders have made history and helped enact laws against racism. But the sad truth is that people have just gotten smarter about how to hide it.

The theme of my weekend: get more involved in local politics, and be the voice for those suffering from new-age racism and discrimination.