Theme of the weekend…

Steph Paniagua |Staff Writer|

So I knew this weekend was over when I woke up from my late afternoon nap today and realized that I still had homework to do.  :/

However, this weekend was quite eventful. As usual since Halloween is Monday, there were a lot of parties going on (which I’m sure many of you attended at least one). But that wasn’t the main highlight of my weekend. It was actually Escape 2011.

If you don’t know, Escape is a rave and actually had its first coming out show last night at the Orange Show Event Center in San Bernardino. Escape is the first rave I have ever attended.

All of my friend’s told me that I was going to have the time of my life. They told me the lights and the music are nothing that I have seen before. They told me that everyone is so friendly. I was very excited.

I dressed up as a greek goddess. I thought it was cool, but my mom was upset that I had cut the bottom of it so it wouldn’t look like I was going to the Academy Awards since the material was silky. Her response was “Traditional goddesses were not interested in showing off their body parts!” I laughed.

The whole process of getting into the rave was very long. By the time I was actually in I was so overwhelmed and still speculative; I had no idea what to expect, until we went to the first show.

It was absolutely amazing. The lights and music were so boisterous and jaw dropping for lack of better terms. It was packed and everyone was dancing. There was not one person that wasn’t shaking their head, fist-pumping, shuffling, or just moving back and forth to the beats.

Talk about costumes too. That was another fun part about going to Escape, even though some people showed off a little too much of their body parts. My mom would have been livid if I tried to leave the house in just my underwear.  But I saw a lot of fun characters such as Mario brothers, ninja turtles, and even a Michael Jackson imitator that looked so real I wanted to ask for his autograph.

Raving was definitely an experience. You’ll have fun if you like that type of music. Never underestimate the power of DJ’s. When you see them move and hear the beats, you’ll automatically want to move too.

My theme of the weekend: rave experience.


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