The wonderful world of wizardry

eddie-redmayneBy Spencer Reifel |staff writer|

The person who introduced us to the magical world is back at work.
Well-known author of the Harry Potter Saga, J. K. Rowling, released “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”
This is the first of a trilogy written by Rowling under the fictional characters, Newt Scamander. “Fantastic Beasts,” published in 2001, a mock textbook.

The trilogy is a prequel to the Harry potter saga.

Opening Nov. 18, it has already brought in 75 million in it’s first weekend.

In it’s first week it has a rating of an 8.0 out of 10 on IMDb, and a 75 percent rating on rotten tomato.

This action filled family oriented sci-fi fiction movie is full of surprises, keeping you on your seat the whole time.

The story begins when Scamander(Eddie Redmayne) a wizard who travels from England to the U.S. with a suitcase full of fantastic beasts from the wizarding world.

This story is based out of New York City during 1926, when Scamander is just stopping and going to be on his way.

Yet he runs into Jacob, a no-maj (The American for muggle), and accidentally switches briefcases, starting a world wind of adventure.

Scamander starts to find out a little more about New York then he thought he would to know, as Jacob starts to find out a little bit more about the magical world.

Throughout the movie you get little snippets of the magical world of Harry Potter, learning about Dumbledore in Hogwarts of course.

It is not necessary to know the story about Harry Potter but it is very helpful to understand a little bit of the storyline.

This movie takes on the American outlook of the magic in the world and the no-maj relationship.

“The only thing this movie is missing is that they do not go into the wizard world as much as you think they would as they did in Harry Potter,” stated Anissa Cooper, “I enjoyed the Ministry of Magic and the influence it had on the Harry Potter movies I wish there was a little more of that in this one.”

David Yates directed this with the help of Rowling. This movie is the first movie from Rowling that was not a book. David Yates directed the last four Harry Potter movies.

“The detail in these beasts are so realistic that you could believe they could be real,” states Anissa.

Colin Farrell, Grave who is an investigator for the United States magical world and John Voight a newspaper editor, are the most well-known actors in this movie.

But the biggest surprise is Johnny Depp, who makes a cameo in this movie not a very long shot of him but a very important one.

Overall this movie gets a nine out of 10, it brings you back to the wizard world that Rowling has put in a book and now into movies, The next few should be another magical road as this one was.

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